ThunderHead Creation Tauren Max Mech Mod Review

First of all, we would like to thank for sending us this great Tauren Max mechanical Mod. Product purchase link

We speak of the mechanical Tauren Max Mod, this mod is made of brass and has a compatibility with batteries 18650/21700/20700 and has a hybrid head of 24mm.

We can say that it is a quite elegant mod, to the naked eye on the front we find the Tauren logo very characteristic of him, underneath a screenprint of Tauren max and in the upper part the manufacturing number.

One of the novelties that this new model of Tauren brings us is the push button, since it is totally new and they add a safety lock.

In the back we see that it has a curved shape that will facilitate the handling of the device, as well as being very ergonomic.

Touch talk about the button, this button unlike the first edition, it has no walls, which facilitates the central and lateral pulsation.

The blocking system is very simple since only turning around we can block it, as well as being very safe.

To disassemble the button we need a specific key that brings us, if we pay attention to the front of the button, we see that it has two small holes, which just fits with the key that brings us.

We just have to go around until the rock comes out, we see that between the rock brings an insulator, to avoid false pulsations, since the contact with the battery is in the central part.

Once we remove the thread from the central part, we see that in reverse there is a silver sphere for greater conductivity and inside the keypad we find the spring.

Inside the push button we find four pieces of silver just as together they make the circular shape of the button with a space so that the ball on the back of the button creates a contact, which is the activator of the vapor.

Now I leave you more in detail its characteristics:

Compatible with 18650/20700/21700 batteries Silver 
ball contact and button lock 
Full wire contact with low voltage drop 
Waterproof shockproof / dustproof

Size: 26 × 95 (mm) 
Upper diameter: 24mm 
Material: Brass 
Thread: Hybrid connection 510

And finally thank again for sending us this great mechanical Mod Tauren Max. Product purchase link

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