Outdoor Shower Fixtures For Being One With Nature

It is not possible to visit a waterfall quite often. There is no better feeling than water falling on your head while you enjoy the blue sky on top and the greenery around you. You can have the same feeling if you install an outdoor shower in your home. It is not anymore something that is seen only in premium high-end homes. Many homes are installing these showers now that outdoor shower fixtures are available at many places at affordable rates.

Outdoor Shower Antique Brass

The Advantages Of An Outdoor Shower

Apart from the great feeling of taking a bath in the open with a fresh breeze on your body, there are many advantages to have an outdoor shower. If you are staying near the beach or have a pool at home this is a great way to get clean before entering the house. The outdoor shower is the best way to clean your children after they have played outside. They will enjoy the shower and you won’t have dirt entering your house. They are also good for your pets and gardening tools.

Where To Place The Shower

Outdoor Shower System
Outdoor Beach Shower Fixture with Shelf

One of the major concerns is the location of the shower. So, before you buy your outdoor shower fixtures you must decide where you want the shower to be. Privacy is one issue. While you want to enjoy the pleasure of bathing in the open, you don’t want your privacy compromise. You certainly don’t want your family members or neighbors seeing you take bath.

While considering the location of the shower, you must think about the water connection. If you are going to place the shower away from the water connections, it can become very expensive because of the amount of pipe you will have to lay.

You must also consider drainage when you decide on the location. There are restrictions about letting the water with soap and shampoo drain into the ground for fear of contaminating the groundwater. You must see how expensive it will be to build new drainage. You can also see if you can direct the bath water to the existing drainage system of your house.

Choosing Your Outdoor Shower Fixtures

Once you have finalized the location the next thing to do is to choose your shower fixtures. When selecting your outdoor shower fixtures, it is better to use stainless steel fixtures. This is better than brass or other metals in withstanding the elements of nature. Even in coastal areas, this metal resists corrosion better than others. Stainless steel is easy to maintain.

Brass Shower Faucet
Outdoor Shower Fixtures 2 Handle Brass

You must select the inlet options. Double inlet showers are better because you can control both hot and water separately. The next thing is to decide whether you want a free-standing shower or a wall-mounted system.

There are many things that point in favor of wall-mounted showers. Free-standing showers will have to be erected with a concrete base, otherwise, they can topple and fall down in strong winds. Wall-mounted showers are easier to fix to the walls of your house or the fence.

When you buy your outdoor shower fixtures please know what all are included in the package. You must know how many showerheads are included and whether the package comes with inlet tubes. This will help you prepare for your installation in a better way.

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