VEIIK Airo Pod Starter Kit Review

In the past, guys from Smokjoy didn’t take a look at our light-weight.Right we even started to skip them.However, they did not beverage green tea, although doing completely meaningless discussions.On the contrary, they collected will right into a fist, turned on the brains, and provided a new device.According to your lengthy custom, the novelty is a bright representative of the AIO section.

VEEK Airo Pod System Kit - a strict start ...

Measurements: 100.5 x 25.5 x 12.5mm

Weight: unknown

Case materials: zinc alloy + plastic

Power: built-in 360 mAh

Ink cartridge capacity: 2 ml

Evaporator level of resistance: 1.2Ω

Operating mode: POWER Safety: from reduced / higher level of resistance, from getting too hot, from quick circuit, from overcharging / overdischarge

Connector sort: magnetic

Screen / diagonal: no

Micro-USB slot / asking: yes, charging existing unknown

Colour: see photograph below

VEEK Airo Pod System Kit - a strict start ...


contents -VEIIK Airo Pod

– replaceable 2pcs ink cartridge (the first is preinstalled)

– 4pcs silicone plug

– USB cable

– user manual – guarantee greeting card

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VEEK Airo Pod System Kit - a strict start ...

The exterior of our guest is quite reasonable.The design is almost not vulgar, and also the insert on the sidewall beneath the epidermis here is apparently both towards the town and to the city.The type factor is the most frequent – elongated and flattened vape adhere.Dimensions are not the tiniest, so that you can hardly conceal this kind of device inside your palm.

VEEK Airo Pod System Kit - a strict start ...

From the beginning, the programmers offer you five colour solutions – not bad, and quite strange ones are located among them.

VEEK Airo Pod System Kit - a strict start ...

Replaceable cartridge normal capacity, the opposition of the built-in evaporator can also be in the market regular.It should come out well.

VEEK Airo Pod System Kit - a strict start ...

It is repaired by way of a magnetic connector, and it will be refilled from your side – just remove the silicone plug.By just how, the producer carefully position the extra inside the package, wasn’t it safer to just make it not removable from your container.

VEEK Airo Pod System Kit - a strict start ...

The main body includes a built-in electric battery quite little for such size of capacity.True, we are informed about only a ridiculous charging you existing.Connector for these uses, the designers had been exiled towards the finish in the gadget.

VEEK Airo Pod System Kit - a strict start ...

Fire buttons usually are not here – the device is triggered by tightening.But towards the bottom you can see a large LED indication.Perhaps there is certainly absolutely nothing more to add.

VEEK Airo Pod System Kit - a strict start ...

Cost $ 25.99

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Now It’s Available: VEIIK Airo Pod Starter Kit
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