Outdoor Shower Fixtures For Being One With Nature

It is not possible to visit a waterfall quite often. There is no better feeling than water falling on your head while you enjoy the blue sky on top and the greenery around you. You can have the same feeling if you install an outdoor shower in your home. It is not anymore something that is seen only in premium high-end homes. Many homes are installing these showers now that outdoor shower fixtures are available at many places at affordable rates.

Outdoor Shower Antique Brass

The Advantages Of An Outdoor Shower

Apart from the great feeling of taking a bath in the open with a fresh breeze on your body, there are many advantages to have an outdoor shower. If you are staying near the beach or have a pool at home this is a great way to get clean before entering the house. The outdoor shower is the best way to clean your children after they have played outside. They will enjoy the shower and you won’t have dirt entering your house. They are also good for your pets and gardening tools.

Where To Place The Shower

Outdoor Shower System
Outdoor Beach Shower Fixture with Shelf

One of the major concerns is the location of the shower. So, before you buy your outdoor shower fixtures you must decide where you want the shower to be. Privacy is one issue. While you want to enjoy the pleasure of bathing in the open, you don’t want your privacy compromise. You certainly don’t want your family members or neighbors seeing you take bath.

While considering the location of the shower, you must think about the water connection. If you are going to place the shower away from the water connections, it can become very expensive because of the amount of pipe you will have to lay.

You must also consider drainage when you decide on the location. There are restrictions about letting the water with soap and shampoo drain into the ground for fear of contaminating the groundwater. You must see how expensive it will be to build new drainage. You can also see if you can direct the bath water to the existing drainage system of your house.

Choosing Your Outdoor Shower Fixtures

Once you have finalized the location the next thing to do is to choose your shower fixtures. When selecting your outdoor shower fixtures, it is better to use stainless steel fixtures. This is better than brass or other metals in withstanding the elements of nature. Even in coastal areas, this metal resists corrosion better than others. Stainless steel is easy to maintain.

Brass Shower Faucet
Outdoor Shower Fixtures 2 Handle Brass

You must select the inlet options. Double inlet showers are better because you can control both hot and water separately. The next thing is to decide whether you want a free-standing shower or a wall-mounted system.

There are many things that point in favor of wall-mounted showers. Free-standing showers will have to be erected with a concrete base, otherwise, they can topple and fall down in strong winds. Wall-mounted showers are easier to fix to the walls of your house or the fence.

When you buy your outdoor shower fixtures please know what all are included in the package. You must know how many showerheads are included and whether the package comes with inlet tubes. This will help you prepare for your installation in a better way.

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Advken Dark Mesh Sub Ohm Tank Review

Nowadays we are going to have a simple hero from Advken.Recently, they decently sat upon non-service – two of the three severe gadgets belonged to this particular specific detachment.To be truthful, it’s rather unusual to observe such a picture, because these folks can decently make maintained atomizers.And the most intriguing factor is the fact, usually, low-servants are added to boxing mods, but this is simply not a story about Advken – they only stamp tanks.Perhaps this situation is going to be an different, and a tiny later we will nevertheless come to be witnesses from the upgrade in the collection of boxing mods – we check with!

Advken Dark Mesh Sub Ohm Tank 
Advken Dark Mesh Sub Ohm Tank - again not a service ...
Case Material: Stainless Steel Atomizer 
Type: Maintenance- Free 
Evaporators: 0.15Ω 
Capacity: 5 / 6ml 
Height: 54.5mm with drip type 
Connector: 510, pin gilded 
Weight: unknown 
Color: see photo below 
Advken Dark Mesh Sub Ohm Tank - again not a service ...
– Dark Mesh Sub Ohm Tank 
– replaceable evaporators 2pcs 0.15Ω (one pre-installed) 
– spare origins 
– traditional rag 
– spare glass 
– certificate 

The exterior of our guest is quite normal for that section to which he belongs.This is a fairly huge example, nevertheless in size it is really not the biggest.Specific risks and of course the colorful drip type are responsible for the design.

Advken Dark Mesh Sub Ohm Tank - again not a service ...

Discharge shades were only two, and the ones are classic.It is likely that later the developers will be generous with additional colours.

Advken Dark Mesh Sub Ohm Tank - again not a service ...

The drip type is made from resin, landing 810th.He is located in the cover, the securing mechanism in which may well be threaded.This believed encouraged me towards the large quantity of dangers on the latter.The filling holes have been not shown to us, I believe they will be of any reasonable size.

Advken Dark Mesh Sub Ohm Tank - again not a service ...

Two types of replaceable evaporators are given, both of them over a grid.In the very first circumstance, one particular performance, within the other triple.

Advken Dark Mesh Sub Ohm Tank - again not a service ...

The capability is good from the start, and it can differ depending on the kind of evaporator used.Spare glass is also a bubble of performance.

Advken Dark Mesh Sub Ohm Tank - again not a service ...

A massive rotary diamond ring with dangers is mainly responsible for changing the airflow.Naturally, to blow such severe evaporators you will require decent air flow intake holes, so the designers made a decision to make this kind of up to 4.

Advken Dark Mesh Sub Ohm Tank - again not a service ...

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Voopoo Drag Nano Kit

OUMIER Armadillo RDA

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Bathroom towel ring installation: Some useful tips to follow

The bathroom is an important place that is used by the family members on a frequent basis. Hence, it needs to have all the accessories that are necessary for it to be safe and highly functional. There are variety of items that can be added to the bathroom space, thereby enhancing its overall functionality, looks and appeal. One such accessory is the Gold Towel Ring.

Gold Towel Ring

Installing the Gold Towel Ring

If the desire is to install the towel ring by self and without any professional help, then with some tips, this becomes possible. Style and greater functionality can be added to the bathroom easily and effortlessly using just an ordinary mounting bracket for towel ring installation. The recommended DIY tools needed for this purpose includes mounting hardware like screws, anchors, bracket, pencil and hammer.

Gold Towel Ring
Square Towel Ring Bathroom

Steps involved in Gold Towel Ring installation

  • Determine position: The first step involves determining where the towel ring is to be positioned in the bathroom. Typically, towel rings can be mounted near or next to the sink around 50”- 52” from the ground. Then the mounting bracket is to be placed over the desired point of installation. Small level is to be used for ensuring the accessory stays straight.
  • Mark drill holes: The next task is to create holes for making the drill for installing the accessory. The mounting bracket can serve as a wonderful guide. Using this, the areas to be drilled can be marked effectively. If the towel ring is not being installed into a stud, then drywall anchors are to be used. Such plastic anchors will generally include in bathroom accessories along with appropriate screws.
  • Pre-drill anchor holes: After the bracket locations are carefully and properly marked, then the anchor holes are to be pre-drilled. The drill is to be used wide and deep, giving sufficient space for insertion of the anchors. Once drilling is completed, the drywall anchors are to be inserted into the holes. They are to be then tapped lightly into proper place using a small hammer. Then the anchors would sit perfectly on the wall, and is to have snug fit.
  • Attach mounting bracket: Mounting bracket is to be lined up with anchors and the included screws with it are to be used for fastening securely the bracket to the wall.
  • Secure and attach Gold Towel Ring to the mounting bracket: This is the final step to be carried out. The towel ring is to be then latched from the top onto mounting bracket. The notches which are located on the ring base are to be centered. Prior to securing towel ring to the bathroom wall, one last proper look is to be taken to ensure that it is on correct level. Finally, the set screw is to be tightened by using the small slotted screwdriver or the alley key.

White Towel Ring Wall Mount

Following the above guide can help the installation process to be made easier, smoother and safer and to derive the best results.

Smoant Taggerz 200W TC Kit Review

Smoant has released the Taggerz Kit. This is an ergonomic two-battery box-box, equipped with a 200-watt adjustable charge and a 2-ml disposable tank.

Boxmod was dressed in a lightweight rectangular case with smooth corners and small ergonomic protrusions. The usual palette of colors, diversified original variation in the style of graffiti. The fire button was sent to a narrow facade. A control panel including a triangular display, a “+/-” key and a USB port were placed on a wide end. The opposite side is depicted in the form of a removable magnetic cover that protects the battery box. The bottom was perforated with ventilation holes.

For powering, two 18650 batteries are used, charging is carried out with a current of up to 1.5A. You can work in the range from 1 to 200 watts or in the mode of temperature control. Resistance ranges from 0.05 to 2.0 ohms.

The complete tank has a plastic case with a 2 ml reservoir and tightly fixed unattended evaporator of 0.2 ohm. Above is a silicone plug, which is responsible for access to the filling opening. Blowing adjustment is provided by the lower ring.

The package includes a set of spare parts, USB-cable and instructions.

Main characteristics:

  • The size of the set is 126 by 51 by 31.5 mm
  • Set weight – 101 g
  • Meals – 2×18650
  • Charging current up to 1.5A
  • Maximum power – 200 watts
  • Resistance from 0.05 to 2.0 ohms
  • Tank capacity – 2 ml

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VOOPOO DRAG Nano Pod Kit Review

Dragomania continues – after the new flagship and his youngest, and as it turned out, nevertheless, by the middle brother, the smallest member of the family appeared. True, he is a representative of a completely different segment – AIO devices. Well, let’s get acquainted.

VOOPOO DRAG Nano Pod Kit - reduced, but recognizable ...
Dimensions: 54.5 x 35 x 11mm (only mod)
Weight: 55g Case
material: zinc alloy + aluminum alloy + resin
Power: built-in 750mAh
Chipset: Gene POD
Cartridge capacity: 1ml
Evaporator resistance: 1.8Ω
Output power: unknown
Voltage range: 3.2 – 4.2V
Operating mode:POWER
Protection: low / high resistance, overheating, short circuit, overcharge / overdisplay
Connector type: magnetic
Screen / diagonal: no
Micro-USB port / charging: yes, charging current 0.5A
Color: see photo below
VOOPOO DRAG Nano Pod Kit - reduced, but recognizable ...
contents – DRAG Nano mod
– replaceable cartridge (preinstalled)
– chain-lanyard
– USB cable
– user manual
– warranty card
– chipset certificate
VOOPOO DRAG Nano Pod Kit - reduced, but recognizable ...
Naturally, our guest profile resembles the legendary first version of the most un-fashioned boxing mod manufacturer. The same sawed corners, the same brick form factor, the same sharp edges — in one word, a full, but reduced, copy of the forefather.
VOOPOO DRAG Nano Pod Kit - reduced, but recognizable ...
By the way, the dimensions are just tiny – stealth promises to be decent.
VOOPOO DRAG Nano Pod Kit - reduced, but recognizable ...
The release colors of the user’s case have not yet been spoiled, but plastic inserts have drunk a decent amount. Of course, what a drag and without resin panels.
VOOPOO DRAG Nano Pod Kit - reduced, but recognizable ...
The cartridge is fixed by a magnetic connector, its capacity is quite small. It seems to me that the shape it resembles cartridges, Juul. Therefore, the manufacturer may have tried to play on this, so that users (mostly Western) could use them in tandem with their new product. It will refuel from the side.
VOOPOO DRAG Nano Pod Kit - reduced, but recognizable ...
The main body fit in itself, probably decent for such dimensions in the capacity built-in battery. It will be charged through the connector at the bottom of the case, while the full charge cycle will last about an hour and a half.

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VOOPOO DRAG Nano Pod Kit - reduced, but recognizable ...
The device escaped the fire button – the device is activated by tightening. But on board there is a tiny LED indicator.
VOOPOO DRAG Nano Pod Kit - reduced, but recognizable ...
In addition, on one of the corners can be seen the bracket for strap fastening. And the bundle will include a “pretentious” chain for precisely these purposes, which, by the way, will gradually tear off the lacquerine from this baby.
VOOPOO DRAG Nano Pod Kit - reduced, but recognizable ...
Inside there is a “modified” copy of the well-known Gene chipset under AIO.
VOOPOO DRAG Nano Pod Kit - reduced, but recognizable ...
The price is about $ 33.9, of course, every seller has its own policy for such a rampant product, therefore I will not call this price tag adequate. We need to wait until the HYIP settles.
VOOPOO DRAG Nano Pod Kit - reduced, but recognizable ...

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New pod systems are coming out almost every week, so what does a big company like Smok do to stay relevant in the overly saturated pod system market? They make a unique pod device which is the Smok Nord. It has the look and function of a pod system but it has other features that you won’t normally see in one. I guess it is more fitting to call the Smok Nord an ultra-portable mod.

Product Pros

  • Elegant and ergonomic design
  • Ultra-portable size
  • Refillable 3 ml/2 ml capacity pods
  • Replaceable coil
  • 1100 mah battery capacity

Product Cons

  • Can’t see the remaining e liquid even with the pod window


Smok Nord Review: Breakdown

Smok Nord available colors

Build Quality

For those who are familiar with Smok mods and atomizers can instantly tell that the Nord is a Smok product due to its cobra pattern design. This has become a trademark design for Smok and for those who have read some of our past Smok product reviews, you guys should know that I really dig this design pattern.

It is a simple design but it gives the feeling of uniqueness and wildness which you rarely come across from a design perspective. But speaking of uniqueness, the Smok Nord is not an entirely new product design and for those who can remember, the Nord is kind of like a newer version of the Smok Novo.

It has the same shape and design, and the only difference is that the Smok Nord is slightly bigger and has a fire button on the front. This new button also serves as its power button and the battery indicator as it has a LED light integrated into it.

If you are a current user of the Smok Novo though, getting the Smok Nord will be a big upgrade due to its features and specifications. One of its biggest selling points is its large battery capacity. The Smok Nord has a built-in 1100 mah battery which can be considered as the largest battery capacity in a pod system.

If your Smok Novo could last a day with its 450 mah battery, imagine the battery life of the Smok Nord. The output wattage of the Nord ranges from 10 watts to 15 watts which is basically the same as the Smok Novo but the regular e liquid capacity of the Nord’s pod is upgraded to 3 ml with the option of getting a TPD compliant 2 ml pod.

Aside from having a replaceable coil head feature, the pod works the same as any other refillable pods in the market. Refilling the Nord’s pod is easier though since it has a big nice hole on the side which is covered by a rubber gasket.

The only problem I have with the pod is that it has a pointless e liquid window which is located on the top end of the tank. While you can see the e liquid through the window when it is full, you won’t be able to see it when it drops down below the window unless you turn the device upside down.

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Vapor Quality

The Smok Nord comes with 2 coil heads which are specifically made for the two types of vapers. The first coil head is called the Nord Mesh which is designed specifically for the cloud chasers. This coil head has a resistance of 0.6 ohm and while the coil doesn’t really look like a mesh, it really performs like one and I am surprised with how much vapor it can produce.

Given that the Smok Nord is a low powered mod that can only output 10 to 15 watts, using the Nord Mesh as a coil feels like vaping on a high powered mod. The other included coil head is called the Nord regular which has a resistance of 1.4 ohm.

This coil head, on the other hand, is designed specifically for the mouth to lung vapers and flavor chasers. While the Nord mesh can also produce good flavors, the Nord regular is exceptional when it comes to flavor but a reduced vapor production.

Smok Nord inclined view


Although the Smok Nord seems like a hybrid mod with its size and features, it is still a true beginner pod style vaporizer with its limited functionality. It has no adjustment settings so you can’t change its power and airflow.

The good thing about the Smok Nord though is that it has replaceable coil heads which means using it long term will be way cheaper than those that don’t have replaceable coils.


The Smok Nord is 94mm in height, 30mm in length and 18.8mm in width. It is slightly bigger and heftier than most pod systems on the market but that is due to its extra-large battery capacity which is still a big pro to me. Its shape and design greatly help with its portability as you can easily keep it in your pocket when you are out and about.

Its large battery can also last more than a day of casual vaping and charging it won’t be a problem with its micro USB port.

Smok Nord mouth piece detached


For those who are looking for a small and portable mod that has the ability to be a fog machine or a true mouth to lung device, you can never go wrong with the Smok Nord. It includes two coil heads which are excellent when it comes to direct to lung or mouth to lung hits. It has great build, design, simple features, and its large battery also means that you will have more time to enjoy vaping than waiting for it to be fully charged.

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Vaporesso Aurora Play Review

The Aurora Play by Vaporesso is a new pod vape currently on pre-order. It features CCELL coils, a nice automatic MTL draw, and a convenient and familiar body styling. Most of us have used a lighter with this exact design! This is the second version of the Aurora and a few things have changed. The overall body is more rounded and slightly larger, it now has an on/off button and a push-to-fill system, the mouthpiece and pods are different, and the whole pod is swapped now instead of just the coil.

I have a pre-production run, so some of the device’s retail features aren’t in mine. The Aurora Play takes a 1.3-ohm MTL pod designed primarily for nic salt. It still has a 650 mAh battery and it comes with an Omni Board Mini chipset. Apparently, like in the Renova Zero, the Aurora Play will also come with adjustable power in the form of three presets. No word yet on if it really has temperature control.

Build quality and design

Vaporesso Aurora Play Review | Rekindling the Zippo Vape

The machining and finish are incredible on the body of the zinc alloy chassis. The build quality is really good, in spite of a little wobble on the top. Its dimensions are 78.8 mm x 43.7 mm x 15.5 mm making it about the size of the Orion Go. It weighs around 95 grams, which is much heavier than most pocketable pod vapes. But it feels good in the hand, and it looks and sounds just like the world’s most popular lighter when you play with it… which you will do! It’s impossible not to. It even has a cam lever (just like the lighter) that’s responsible for that satisfying click or for silent and easy opening.

The Aurora Play has an automatic draw, but it also has an on/off button (simple 5-click) right above the micro USB port, located on the narrow front side. Vaporesso says the retail version will have three pre-sets for wattages accessed by the on/off button: green/12.5 watts, Blue/10.5 watts, and red/9 watts.

The pod

Vaporesso Aurora Play Review | Rekindling the Zippo Vape

The original Aurora had plastic cylindrical tanks where the coil head was replaced. Now the Aurora Play uses magnetic disposable pods. The capacity has gone up from 1.2 mL to 2.0 mL, and you’ll be able to monitor your juice levels with two 6.5 mm x 8 m juice windows.

There is one available pod for this device, a 1.3-ohm MTL pod designed for nic salts (two come with the kit).

Refilling the pods is easy thanks to the Vaporesso press-to-fill system. There’s a spring-loaded valve on top of the pod that fills the reservoir when pushed down with your dropper. Plastic or needle tips work best and cleanest for the refill, but glass droppers may make a little mess on top of the pod. Either way, you may want to keep a napkin handy when refilling. The main issue for me with this design is once you fill your pod, you don’t have access to any port that will allow you to drain the pod. Make sure you actually like the liquid before filling the Aurora Play!

The first Aurora had a tip that looked like the head of a character in the cartoon Snorks (anyone remember that?). It had an odd shape, it felt cheap, it was proprietary, and it could easily fall off and get lost. The pre-production tip has similar faults with coming off too easily and feeling a bit cheap. But Vaporesso informed us that the tip will be better for the retail product. It will not be removable, and it will keep the nice 510-style tip form factor.


Vaporesso Aurora Play Review | Rekindling the Zippo Vape

The Aurora Play has an automatic and easy draw that hits quick, and it’s got a nice throat hit with warm vapor. The vapor output is decent for a pod vape, and the flavor is good from the CCELL coils. But what I find to be interesting is that thicker juices work better for me with this coil. While chain vaping the Aurora Play, I have no problem taking 20 hits in succession with 70 VG and low nic. With 50/50, I can barely get to 10 rapid hits before the flavor tastes off to me. It takes just a minute or so for the coil to get back to performing back to normal, but it seems to me that CCELL may be better with thicker juices. I guess that explains why I see CCELL coils in oil carts.

I’ve had no leaking from the pods, no spitting, and no surprise burnt hits. The only time I even get a dry hit is when I’m pushing the coils to their limits, which is not actually how I vape. All in all, I think these coils are solid performers… but I wish they worked as good with 50 VG as I find they do with 70 VG. I haven’t had the device long enough to exhaust even one coil, but I have vaped on several and they all worked fine. No random duds in my package (and I tried six coils). Let’s hope the quality control keeps up as production ramps up.

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The Aurora Play has a 650 mAh battery. The battery life feels normal to me. Nothing too great and nothing too bad. It should easily get you through the day of moderate vaping, but if you vape a lot you will need to recharge at least once a day. Luckily, the Play has pass-thru charging. To charge it, it takes close to an hour (more than 50 minutes, but less than 60 minutes).

Pros / Cons

  • Quality manufacturing and machining
  • Easy draw perfect for MTL
  • No leaking
  • Good flavor
  • Nice throat hit
  • Good flavor
  • Easy to use
  • Responsive automatic draw
  • Juice window gives an accurate picture of juice level
  • Low-quality mouthpiece comes off too easily (pre-production run)
  • Press-to-fill prevents easy removal of liquid
  • Top is a little wobbly


The Aurora may look like a novelty item, but it’s a legitimately good vape. It feels just like the flip top lighter (which shall not be mentioned), but the vape quality stands on its own. The machining and the finish are really well done, and it’s even gotten me compliments from non-vapers. With the changes that Vaporesso says will be in the retail version, it feels safe to assume it will be a good buy.

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Voopoo X217 Box Mod

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The Augvape V200 Mod was sent to me from Augvape for the purpose of this review. This is just a simple 200-watt mod without a lot of features, but it does what it’s supposed to perfectly. So lets get right into it.

First let’s talk specs:

  • It’s made of Zinc Alloy
  • It fires between 5 and 200 watts
  • And it can fire builds as low as .05 ohms and as high as 3.0 ohms

In the box you get the V200 Mod, a user manual, and USB charging cable.

Designed After a Car Engine

As you can see, the model that I have is red, but Augvape also makes this in white and black. I’m not usually a fan of bright colorful devices, but I’m actually glad they sent this in red because that’s the color of the car engine that this is modeled after, well actually the most popular color. That engine was also made in black and white, they just don’t seem to be as common. So let’s talk about the design.

When I first saw this, I thought it looked kind of ridiculous. It reminded me of something like a power drill case or like one of those heavy duty radios people use on construction sites. But if you’re a car person, more specifically someone who is really into Hondas, you might know what this looks like. So you’ll see on the back of the device some text that says “Inspired by B18C-R”.

If you look that up in Google, you’ll see that it’s an engine, and you’ll also notice that the V200 mod looks exactly like it.

The casing is a replica of the B18C valve cover with the screws all in the same place and everything. The screen is a replica of the spark plug wire cover, also with the same placement of the screws, but I don’t know if those little screws actually have a purpose on the mod.

And then you have the wattage adjustment wheel, which looks like the oil cap.

On the top is the 510 connector, which is supposed to look like a rim.

Obviously that’s not actually on the engine, but it sticks with that car theme. And the 510 is right in the middle of the device. Atomizers sit flush and because the mod is 29.2mm wide, you can fit anything up to that size without any overhang.

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The V200 Screen Looks Nice

Ok, now lets talk about the screen and features. First, to turn it on is five clicks, like anything else. The same to turn it off.

The screen is nice and bright. Everything looks crisp and clear. No complaints there. It shows what mode you’re in, the atomizer resistance, your wattage, the time or how many seconds of your hit, and the battery levels of each battery.

The V200 Features and Modes

At the top of the screen is the firing button. It’s hidden behind the screen. I like this because it makes it easy to fire with either your left or right hand. And that button is clicky and very responsive.

To enter the menu, you click the firing button three times. You only have three modes here; Auto, Bypass, and V-Mode. The manual says that you can adjust the screen brightness by pressing the firing button and up on the wattage wheel at the same time, but it doesn’t work. That actually locks the wattage in place, but you can still fire it. If you press the firing button and down at the same time, it locks the device from firing, but you can still adjust wattage.

Alright, lets talk about those modes.

Auto is your typical wattage mode. Nothing special about that. It fires immediately, but has a bit of a slower ramp up time if you’re vaping high wattage. At lower wattage, say for example 30 watts, I don’t notice a slow ramp up at all.

In bypass mode, it basically runs like a mech mod, but with the safety features of a regulated device. So you’ll get whatever wattage you should get based on your build and the voltage output of the mod, which is 8.4. So it’s more like a series mech mod. But you’re limited by your batteries here. For example, I ran a 0.23 ohm build and at 8.4 volts, I should get 306 watts. This device can’t do more than 200 watts, but it also hits those batteries hard and drops the wattage to around 166 watts. But yeah, it basically works like a series mech mod.

Now let’s talk about V-Mode. So this mode is just like regular wattage mode, but it’s supposed to give you faster ramp up time and more stable wattage. I haven’t noticed that I get more stable wattage in any of the modes. The wattage seems stable to me in every mode, so I’ll just have to take their word for it. But for faster ramp up, it does seem to work like they say, especially at wattages around 70 watts or higher. Regular mode works great as it is though. It might have a second longer ramp up, while V-mode is more immediate. I have no way to test it, but it feels like it’s working to me.

V200 Batteries and Charging

On the front is a USB port designed only for charging. They included a really nice nylon wrapped USB cord too. I always recommend buying an external charger for batteries, but you can charge the batteries in the device if you want. While it’s plugged in, you’ll see a little red light at the top of the screen dimming in and out. This also has a passthrough ability, so you are able to vape it while it’s charging. They don’t mention this in the manual, so I can’t say for sure if it’s designed to work that way.

Final Thoughts

That’s the V200! Even though I don’t really care about cars, I actually think the design is really cool. I also like the size of this mod. It feels really comfortable in the hand and isn’t too bulky, which also makes it easy to fire.

My favorite thing about the V200 is how fast it fires. It fires as soon as you hit that button!

The one drawback for some people would be that it doesn’t have temp-control, but if you’re a regular wattage vaper, the v200 is awesome.

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GeekVape Aegis Legend Review

GeekVape Aegis Legend Review — A Must Have for Every Tool Box

No matter how rugged your lifestyle gets, everyone knows having the right tools built with quality materials and craftsmanship can make all the difference in their performance. Our GeekVape Aegis Legend review takes a look at a sturdy, solidly built vape kit that may be the only thing missing from your tool box.

One of the things we loved about the first GeekVape Aegis mod was how incredibly durable it was, incorporating shockproof, dustproof and waterproof technology into a vape with outstanding functionality. Now that’s not to say there wasn’t room for improvement with the first incarnation, while it was able to run on either a 20700, 21-700 or 18650 vape battery using an included adapter (which has become a standard accessory of many top vape mods we’ve seen recently) it only accommodated for a single power source. In addition, it was only able to fire up to a maximum wattage of 100 watts, a power cap that most users of modular sub ohm vape tanks rarely reach with the stock coil heads, but one that vapers who prefer RDA vape tanks and drippers prefer to at least have the opportunity to surpass if they want.

Reflexively, the next evolution is powered by twin 18650 batteries and is able to reach an astounding 200 watts. Bear in mind, having higher power possibilities and lower resistance coefficients, a quicker drain of your batteries typically comes along with it. While this was a significant detractor for users of the first model, our Geekvape Aegis Legend review determined this to be an enduring issue even with twin batteries.

However, when paired with the GeekVape Aero sub ohm tank that comes in the kit, your suggested wattage peak is in the 80 watt range. As a result, this starter system increases this tough, dependable and tenaciously constructed box mod’s capabilities and functionality. To explain, like many of the best top wattage box mods, the equipment it comes with is a suggested pairing for users to acclimate themselves with a new device and this immensely durable power plant can cradle up to a 30mm RDA vape tank without overhang.

A Travel Mod Built for Abuse — GeekVape Aegis Legend Review

Vapers are people on the go, we’re made up of people from every walk of life from jet-setting celebrities like actors and musicians to skilled tradespeople like carpenters and hairdressers. As such we rely on our equipment, our tools and dependable routine to keep us sharp and our vape devices to keep us tobacco free. However, it can be tough to find products built with the same care, detail and craftsmanship that we require for our busy lives. Luckily, our GeekVape Aegis Legend review revealed this reliably impenetrable starter kit to be just that.

The outer body of the mod is constructed of a blend of shock-resistant rubber, silicone, stainless steel, colored aluminum grip frame, carbon steel, zinc alloy, and leather with a removable rubber stopper to protect the micro USB port and an unbelievably well designed, venting rubber gasket system to seal and waterproof the battery compartment. Accessing the battery door is as easy as toggling the button on the bottom and the spring-loaded hinge flies open to reveal clearly marked slots for two 18650s. With a surprisingly durable LED screen, you can easily navigate through the AS chipset programs including power(variable wattage), TCR, temperature control(with Ni, SS, or Ti coils), VPC(power curve), and bypass(mech) modes with the confidence that wherever you are and whatever you’re working on won’t affect the functionality of your vape mod which is well worth the investment.

Just like its predecessor, if you look up videos of this vape starter kit you’re going to see a lot of people doling out a range of abuses including submerging it in water, throwing it off a roof and generally trying to destroy its overall construction before concluding that it still functions perfectly. That said, there is a disclaimer on the GeekVape website asking users not to do this purposely as there is a chance you could damage the batteries inside from high drops onto hard surfaces. Regardless, throughout our GeekVape Aegis Legend review this lightweight armored vape mod proved its worth as one of the most durable vape mods built to last the world has ever seen.

Additionally, the Aero sub ohm vape tank comes standard with a 0.15ohm mesh coil that is among the most well engineered stock atomizer coils we’ve used in recently memory. It comes with a bubble glass outer tank that accommodates up to 5ml of vape juice and is easy to fill via an impressively well-machined top cap that quarter turns to lock and seal perfectly. In all, this setup is not only built to blow the best electronic cigarette starter kits out of the water in performance, it may be the only thing left after a post-apocalyptic event (perfect vape mod to keep in your storm shelter).


  • Waterproof, Shockproof, Dustproof mod fires between 5w-200w
  • Powered by dual 18650 vape batteries (not included)
  • Integrated variable wattage, VPC curve, bypass, TCR and temperature control modes
  • Aero vape tank comes with 0.15ohm mesh coil, 5ml bubble glass and 4ml straight glass
  • Leather palm grip comes in Snakeskin, Camouflage, or Brown and aluminum frame available in Rainbow, Silver, Azure, Navy, Red, Orange or Stealth Black

GeekVape Aegis Legend Review Summary

Whether you’re headed to the construction site for a hard day on the job, to the seaside for a day of swimming and lounging in the sun, or into an underground government bunker this is definitely the vape kit to take along for the adventure. With intensely tight-fitting and durable rubber seals keeping all the electronics safe from any obstacle that you may come across, this mod is made to withstand the daily abuse that busy vapers dole out. Our GeekVape Aegis Legend review discovered that not only is this vape mod even more well crafted and designed than the original, that 200-watt maximum power output from the dual vape batteries is plenty of juice to keep you vaping for hours of plentiful and fulfilling vapor.

Experienced vapers know that finding your ideal vaping temperature and wattage is less about pushing your device to its limit than it is finding the sweet spot with the equipment you have combined with the opportunity to scale up your performance output if you want to. Though few of us build our RDAs with resistance meant to be operated over 100 watts, knowing that you’re able to and experimenting with different coil builds is a valuable asset, particularly for advanced vape mods that are meant to withstand long term use and frequent drops overall its an outstanding value for how long it’s meant to endure.

Expires in: 8 hrs 57 mins 04 secs

The AS chipset inside the Aegis Legend is among the easiest to select from and navigate through, and while many devices employ complicated menus and successions of buttons, this unit has plenty of shortcuts to get users directly to the settings they need with a simple succession of clicks. If you’re an outdoor enthusiast who enjoys vaping, there are few mods built as rigorously, specifically for your lifestyle of traveling and bumping around either from home to work or trekking across the globe.  Discovering equipment for vaping that is meant to last is rare, and even more so those that factor in frequent occurrences of submerging them in water (for whatever reason), being susceptible to dust and dirt in every crevice, and being knocked over (or off a window sill onto the ground below).

We’re based right here in Southern California, the heart of earthquake country, and though I’m not looking forward to the day that a shelving unit or other piece of furniture falls on my favorite mod, the results of our GeekVape Aegis Legend review found that if those events came to pass, they wouldn’t be much of a hurdle for this burly vape mod. In fact, I envisioned myself sorting through the rubble of my apartment, sifting through the remnants of what had once been my possessions, only to find this rugged box mod not only intact, but ready to fire right away. We already live full, bustling and at times hectic lives, why not equip ourselves with perfect vape starter kits to complement that momentum that are built just as resiliently as we are.

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Smoant Karat Review – Vapor Bling

Smoant as a company has a small reputation for leaning towards the conservative side when it comes to the number of releases they pump out, especially when compared to brands such as Smok, Joyetech, or Aspire that seem to announce a new release every other week. What they have going for them however is a strong sense of quality and consistency built into their product line.
Their latest pod-style offering, the Smoant Karat breaks away from the success of the high powered Smoant Knight which put them on the map and moves toward a more accessible and portable approach geared towards newcomers.

Review: Smoant Karat

Smoant Karat Review

Manufacturing Quality

Without a doubt, one of the most standout features of the Smoant Karat is its aesthetics. Directly inspired by its namesake, the Smoant Karat shows off its perfectly chiseled and cut outer shell available in a good variety of colors ranging from black or silver, all the way to a colorful and brilliant rainbow finish that doesn’t hesitate to sparkle when viewed at from each and every angle showing off the finely cut precision of the device.

It’s not all perfect though as the Smoant Karat does have a tendency to attract fingerprints, a common issue usually seen in devices that opt for a glossy or shiny finish.

Despite the angular design of the Smoant Karat, the edges of the device aren’t too sharp so as to cause discomfort when holding the device in hand. Even our prolonged vaping sessions with the Smoant Karat have proven that it is indeed comfortable to use regardless of how long or how frequently you like to vape.Smoant Karat available colors

The pod which holds up to 2ml of e-liquid is slightly tinted which should normally obscure your ability to see how much e-liquid is left in the tank, but due to the large size of the window itself, we’ve found that this isn’t really a problem, fortunately.

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Flavor Quality

Another unique and noteworthy feature of the Smoant Karat is its usage of quartz as a coil material instead of the typical kanthal or stainless steel.

One of the big advantages of quartz is that it ramps up in temperature very quickly not to mention the flavors produced when using quartz often feel purer and less muted than when using typical metals (something which is already known and accepted within the dabbing community).

All of this proves to be true in the Smoant Karat’s case in terms of overall flavor production and while the Karat doesn’t necessarily produce the absolute best flavor we’ve come to be familiar with due to exposure to much higher powered sub-ohm devices, it comes pretty darn close which is already more than we can ask for in such a compact and easy to use device.

Airflow is smooth and restricted, both qualities which are well regarded in a quality MTL pod-style device. There’s no option to adjust the airflow but considering what the Smoant Karat was designed for (MTL vaping) there’s really no need for such an option as the airflow on the device as the way its setup already feels great.

The air-activated draw sensor on the device works as intended without any annoying hiccups which are to mean it fires on demand and without fail when inhaling from the mouthpiece. Just like the Juul, the Smoant Karat lacks any dedicated physical button to fire up the device.

Power Flexibility

It almost goes without saying at this point but considering that the Smoant Karat is a pod-style device, it lacks any form of variable wattage or temperature control. There’s also a lack of multiple coil types supported as the kit only works with and includes a 1.3ohm quartz coil.

This means that the Smoant Karat will and only will ever vape at one fixed output unless Smoant decides to change that and announce/release a coil that supports sub-ohm vaping for a relatively higher vaping output.

On a positive note, however, the Smoant Karat does support refills which means you’re free to use any e-liquid of your choice and you won’t be limited to whatever pre-filled pod flavors manufacturers such as Juul offer.

The versatility in vaping your preferred e-liquid lets you adjust the intensity of the vaping experience via the nicotine strength of whichever e-liquid you choose. While the Smoat Karat works just fine with high strength freebase nicotine e-liquids, we’ve found optimal results when pairing the device with a high-quality nicotine salt blend.Smoant Karat upper part

Ease of Use

There’s no doubt that the Smoant Karat is easy to use. The magnetic assembly at the bottom of the pod makes pod removal/installation and coil swapping a breeze as the entire pod easily detaches from the base of the device. The Smoant Karat, unfortunately, doesn’t manage to avoid the common issue of bottom filling pods which means you’re going to need to detach the pod from the device when you need to top up e-liquid.

Something new however on this front is how Smoant integrated two fill ports onto the bottom of the  pod and while we’re not quite sure what advantages this offers over single port devices, the good news is that each of these fill ports are more than adequately sized to accommodate bottles of any size, shape, or form.

Charging the Smoant Karat is simple enough thanks to the MicroUSB port located on the side of the device and while its always nice to wish for some USB-C integration in newer models, the accessibility and compatibility that Micro USB offers are second to none.


With dimensions of the Smoant Karat measuring out to 88 * 48 * 12mm. It definitely holds its own as an above average portable daily driver. The lack of girth of thickness to the device makes it easy to slip in and out of pockets and to top it off, the 370mAh battery which is integrated into the chassis makes for a decent performer easily lasting for about a day when vaping moderately.

Another surprising bonus is the chassis features accommodations for a lanyard to be hooked around which further enhances the portability of the Smoant Karat.Smoant Karat side view

Overall Experience

At the end of the day there’s really no major drawbacks that should deter you from picking up the Smoant Karat should you be a fan of its aesthetics. The more than ample battery life coupled with the strong flavor and vapor production make it a decent performer overall.

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