SMOK NOVO pod vape review | a beautiful starter kit for nicotine salts

Vapers are asking for more and more pod systems and the SMOK NOVO is one of the most beautiful out there. This gorgeous and ultra-portable vape is very pocket friendly and comes with a powerful 450mAh battery. It activates on draw and it’s compatible with free-base as well as nicotine salts e-liquids. And considering its $30 price tag, this is also one of the highly affordable pod vapes available right now.SMOK NOVO vape


Beautiful design

Great build quality

Comes with two empty pods

Great battery life

The experience is similar to a Infinix pod system


No battery level indicator

No juice level indicator

No needle-tip bottle included with the kit

Prone to spills when refilling

NOVO Packaging and color options

The SMOK NOVO feels more luxurious than its predecessors and this experience starts with the packaging. You will get it inside a high quality cardboard gift box, with a very modern user manual. There are two empty pods this time and also a very small micro-USB cable.

We appreciate that SMOK finally listened to its customers and released the starter kit with more than just one pod inside the box. Unfortunately they didn’t include the very practical needle-tip refill bottle with found with previous pod systems.

Available colors for this device are black, red, white, rainbow, green, blue, royal blue, and pink – all surrounded by beautiful chrome inserts.

The design and features of this tiny pod vape

After the success of its Infinix vape, SMOK has now released another pod vaporizer. And although it’s more elegant, the NOVO vape offers about the same overall experience. The draw is pretty similar and the throat hit feels as perfect when using 12mg regular e-liquids and 35mg nicotine salts.

This luxurious e-cig measures 88mm x 24.5mm x 14.5mm and weighs no more than 40 grams. It feels very natural in the hand and has a beautiful honeycomb finish with rounded chrome edges. In addition it features a blue LED light on the front as well as a micro-USB slot on the side. There’s no fire button so it will activate automatically each time you inhale.

SMOK NOVO vapeThe Novo e-cig features direct output, which means the wattage will vary between 16W when the battery is full to 11W when the battery is almost depleted. The LED will blink rapidly when the device needs to be recharged, however there’s no battery level indicator. It takes around one full hour to get a full charge. Also considering the 450mAh capacity, this vape is going to offer way more autonomy than your standard “Jewel e cig”.

The NOVO pods

The SMOK NOVO kit includes two refillable pods. These have 2.0ml capacities and a resistance of around 1.2 Ohms. The mouthpiece is integrated in the pod and the draw is pretty restrictive but very smooth. There’s a fill gasket on the side, however the port is not as big as on the previous SMOK pods.

The company should have included the needle-tip bottle from the Rolo Badge. This would have made refills a lot easier and mess-free. With standard gorilla bottles or droppers it’s pretty hard to put e-liquid inside these pods without spilling some of it.

The pods don’t have magnetic connectors and they need to be pressed inside the battery. Here is when you also realize there’s no see-through window or e-liquid indicator with the NOVO vape. You will need to constantly take the pod out in order to check or wait until the cotton feels dry. This is not the most practical approach and we have to say we are a bit disappointed.

Other than that, the pods do a very good job at delivering smooth, flavorful vapor and a very robust throat hit. The experience is one of the best we had and it’s one of the reasons we rated this product so highly.

Performance and final thoughts on the NOVO vape

The SMOK NOVO pod vape follows the footsteps of its predecessors and offers an incredible experience. It’s easy to use, ultra-portable and comes with two refillable cartridges inside the box. Battery life is more than good and the throat hit is quite impressive even with 20mg nic salts.

We did run into a few cons, but in the end it’s a pretty good product and we definitely recommend it. It has a beautiful finish, it’s well built and it’s incredibly affordable. In addition you can refill the pods for up to 10 times, which makes the starter kit very practical.

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Vaporesso Tarot Nano Vape Review – Nano Tech

The Vaporesso Tarot Nano kit features one of the smallest mods available, but it still delivers big on both performance and functionality. The included Veco sub-ohm tank also produces excellent vapor, making this ultra-portable kit a great buy for the money.

Review: Vaporesso Tarot Nano

Vaporesso Tarot Nano Review
Manufacturing Quality

This obviously isn’t going to be for everyone, but the amount of functionality that they squeezed into such a small package is very impressive. As far as the size goes, we’re talking about a mod that measures 69mm x 38mm x 22.5mm. That’s less than 2-¾” tall and about 1-½” wide! That is a seriously tiny mod.

As soon as I saw this, I started wondering what they had to sacrifice to make it so small. The answer seems to be not all that much. It’s still able to deliver up to 80 watts of power, and it even has temperature control. This is actually controlled by an OMNI board chip, which means it’s got a bunch of other modes and power-related features that I’ll talk about more below.
Vaporesso Tarot Color Selection

To make all this possible, they had to go with an internal 2500mAh battery. If you prefer removeable batteries that may be a deal breaker, but this actually isn’t that bad and I don’t really see how they could have crammed anything different inside this.

The Veco tank is also built well. It fills from the top for convenience and the airflow is adjustable. You change the coil by unscrewing the bottom, but the coil itself just slides into place, which I thought was pretty cool. The one downside is that the capacity is only 2ml.

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Flavor Quality

The flavor that this kit puts out is very good. The Veco tank works with the EUC coils, which simply stands for ECO Universal Coil. There are two versions of these coils, ceramic and traditional cotton. One of each is included with the kit. The ceramic one has stainless steel coils, while the traditional cotton has Clapton coils.

I thought the flavor was especially good from the ceramic one. It’s rated at 0.5ohm and you can only vape it between 25 and 35 watts, but the vapor production was still surprisingly good. With either setup I thought that the clouds were impressive for the size of the device and the tiny coil heads.

Power Flexibility

The power flexibility is excellent thanks to the OMNI board. If you aren’t familiar with these, they provide a bunch of functionality that you probably didn’t even know existed. For example, you’ll notice that this has ‘CCW’ and ‘CCT’. These stand for custom curvature of wattage and custom curvature of temperature, respectively. This also has temperature control for stainless steel, nickel, and titanium, as well as TCR modes. It even has a bypass mode if you want to use it like a mech mod.

The coolest feature that the OMNI board supplies though is the ‘smart’ variable wattage mode. When you put an atomizer on this, it will automatically suggest the optimal wattage for the coil. This is a great feature for beginners, or if you just don’t feel like messing around too much with settings.


The wattage maximum is 80w, and the temperature range is 200 to 600F. It can handle atomizers with resistances between 0.15ohm and 5.0ohm.

Ease of Use

This is very easy to use. One of my favorite features is the fourth button on the bottom of this. It’s used to toggle between different modes.

That may seem like a relatively simple thing to like so much, but I hate when navigating the menu on a mod is cumbersome. That fourth button makes a bigger difference than you would think.

The other thing that makes this very beginner friendly is the smart wattage feature that I just talked about above. This has all the complicated stuff you could want to get into in the future, but even a complete novice could use this and get great results.

The portability is obviously great. This is so small that you’ll have no problem carrying it with you when you go places. I know a lot of people won’t want to give up their higher-powered devices, but this is seriously a great pickup if you want something with extra portability and stealth for special circumstances.

The only downside is the battery life. I still think that comparatively sized AIO devices with the tank inside are a little more portable, but this is still near the top.

Overall Experience

The Vaporesso Tarot Nano is definitely one of the best mini mods on the market.

I’m not sure that there is anything else out there that can deliver as much functionality and flexibility in such a small package. I know a lot of people like to compare the AL85 Alien Baby to this, but this is definitely smaller. On the flip side, the AL85 has a removable 18650 battery, so there are things to consider.

If I had to pick one of these two, I’d probably go with the Tarot Nano because I like that the tank is located in the center of the mod. I think it looks a lot nicer than the traditional tank on the side look.

With that being said, either of these are great options if you want something small, sleek, and portable without sacrificing much versatility.

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