Joyetech is looking to change the way we look at all-in-ones with the release of their latest device, the eGrip 2. Hailed as a direct successor to the original eGrip, unlike it’s older brother it is not strictly a Mouth to Lung device and features airflow options and coil heads that make it an ideal option for those who like to Direct Lung their vapes as well.

Product Pros

  • Awesome flavor and vapor production
  • Ergonomic Shape
  • Solid construction and finish

Product Cons

  • Firing button can be tricky to find


Aspire Speeder 200w Review: Breakdown

Build Quality

The Aspire Speeder has no delusions of grandeur aesthetics-wise. It’s definitely not the type of the device that’s going to grab anyone’s attention the same way Smok devices do with their sharp and aggressive lines, flashing LED lights, and bright and colorful paint finishes. What it DOES have though, is an exceptionally utilitarian design, built with ergonomics and functionality as a priority.

This is evident from the sheer size of the device- or rather lack of it. Considering the Speeder houses 2 18650 batteries, its quite compact, measuring out to 138mm * 46mm (tank included!), making it a prime choice for users who prefer higher powered mods, without the usual bulk that comes with the package.

Another characteristic of note is the extreme symmetry of the mod. This can be either a pro or con depending on the user. In my experience, the Speeder was so symmetrical that I often found myself trying to fire the mod on the wrong side! On the other hand, this makes it one of the easiest 200W devices to pocket or store.

The clicky and responsive firing button sits very flush with the side of the device and sports the Aspire logo in engraved lettering. This is pretty much the only way to identify the firing button on the device since the opposite side looks exactly the same sans the logo. The display on the Speeder is bright and clear, putting out all the information you need to know for you to see.

A large percentage of the device is coated with a nice rubberized finish making it grippy and comfortable to hold and less prone to slipping out of your hands. It’s quite robust as well, with the internals and even the finish being resistant to drops. Aspire doesn’t brand this as a shockproof device though, so I would advise against doing any durability tests if you get this for personal use.

The top of the Speeder holds the spring loaded 510 connector. Threading here is very smooth and I didn’t have any trouble screwing down the included tank down. Everything sits flush, and absolutely no problems with connectivity experienced here. The bottom of the Speeder features the trapdoor battery compartment which firmly locks into place.

Absolutely no play or rattle was experienced here which is great as you always want to be 100% confident that your batteries are secure. Lots of battery venting is found here as well ensuring that the 18650’s always stay cool.

Vapor Quality

The Speeder kit comes bundled with two coils, one A3 0.3ohm triple coilhead, and one A5 0.16ohm penta coilhead. It’s good to see a manufacturer treat its customers seriously for once and finally release coils which don’t feel like training wheels in terms of total vapor production.

While the A3 coil performed well, producing lots of good flavor and vapor, it was the A5 coils which truly wowed me with their performance, being able to take advantage of the full capabilities of the Speeder, producing almost overwhelming amounts of flavor with close to ludicrous amounts of vapor. Bear in mind though that vaping with the A5 coil practically drinks up the eliquid in your tank and you’ll be refilling more often.

Speaking of refilling, the Athos tank holds up to 4ml of eliquid. Refilling is simple enough thanks to the delrin topcap which easily screws off, revealing the port holes on top where eliquid is dripped down into. While definitely not a bad way to refill, I wish it utilized the push-slide mechanism found in Smok tanks, enabling refills to be a one-handed affair.

The Speeder doesn’t hold back in outputting its raw vaping power as there is minimal or close to zero firing delay when using the mod. Wattage mode feels very accurate and I never felt the output pulsing until I started vaping at above 160 watts which is where I felt the limitations of the battery kick in.


The Speeder supports all the standard temperature control modes such as stainless steel, nickel, and titanium. In addition, it also features a bypass mode, an adjustable pre-heat function for wattage mode, and customizable TCR ratios for fine tuning your vape.

One unique feature that the Speeder holds is a variable voltage mode that lets you adjust the output of your vape based on the voltage being used instead of the wattage, which makes it easier for advanced vapers to find the sweet spot on their coil builds.

The Athos Tank also supports lots of airflow configurations letting you vape it fully open for a swooshy and airy vape, or dial the airflow down for a more constricted and denser pull.


While definitely not as compact as many single 18650 or internal Lipo battery devices, the Speeder stands its ground in the dual 18650 category in terms of overall compactness as it’s easily accommodated by reasonably sized pockets without forming too much of a bulge.

The Speeder is also a joy to hold for extended vaping sensations thanks to its symmetrical and rubberized exterior, making it extremely comfortable to grip even during extended vaping sessions. The mod also holds a micro USB port enabling emergency charging on the go if you have a power bank handy, although it’s always best to use external chargers as much as possible.


The Speeder might not have the beginners in mind thanks to the sheer amount of power and vapor the device is capable of producing, but with the solid build quality, excellent performance, and versatile feature set the mod provides, it might be worth taking the plunge into the world of high powered devices instead of slowly wading into a sea of mods with figurative training wheels. For intermediate and advanced vapers who are looking for their next high powered device, the Aspire Speeder 200W just might be the next daily driver in your rotation.

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Aspire Speeder Revvo Kit

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Aspire Cobble AIO Kit – another cute AIO

As you know, Aspire knows a lot about AIO kits. Another confirmation of this was the fact that their breeze was recognized as the best such device in 2017 as a result of voting on the Esigclick portal.

Moreover, the developers are constantly improving in this business, releasing more and more new copies. Probably, it is worth noting that the producer of this segment is represented very widely, perhaps, wider than any other …

Aspire Cobble AIO Kit 
Aspire Cobble AIO Kit - another cute AIO ...
Dimensions: 78 x 41 x 15.5mm
Weight: unknown
Case material: plastic + metal
Power: built 700mAch
Capacity Cartridge: 1.8ml
. Evaporator resistance: 1.4Ω
Operating mode: POWER (BYPASS)
Protection: against low / high resistance, overheating, short circuit, overcharge / overdischarge
Micro-USB port / charging: yes, charging current 1A
Color: see photo below
Aspire Cobble AIO Kit - another cute AIO ...
contents – Cobble AIO Kit
– replaceable cartridge (preinstalled)
– USB cable
– user manual
– warranty card
Aspire Cobble AIO Kit - another cute AIO ...
Our today’s hero looks very nice. The ergonomic form factor, relatively small sizes, and quite interesting colors are to blame for this. Then you and the tree, and zebra, and marble, and even carbon.
Aspire Cobble AIO Kit - another cute AIO ...
Aspire Cobble AIO Kit - another cute AIO ...
The cartridge, as usual, sits on a magnetic holder, it refuels from below, for this you need to remove the silicone plug. The mouthpiece of a convenient flat form, probably, will perfectly “sit” in the mouth of the owner.
Aspire Cobble AIO Kit - another cute AIO ...
Decent capacity, built-in evaporators are made of nichrome.
Aspire Cobble AIO Kit - another cute AIO ...
The main body is distinguished by the absence of a fire button – the device is activated by tightening. The built-in battery was very impressive – almost twice the advantage compared to the usual vap stikami. Just do not forget that the dimensions are not small.
Aspire Cobble AIO Kit - another cute AIO ...
Connector for charging the latter is located on one of the small ends of the device, and the charging current can not but rejoice.
Aspire Cobble AIO Kit - another cute AIO ...
On the opposite side, there is a LED charge level indicator, which with an unobtrusive light will “tell” about everything that is happening at the moment with your friend.
Aspire Cobble AIO Kit - another cute AIO ...
Aspire Cobble AIO Kit - another cute AIO ...
Aspire Cobble AIO Kit - another cute AIO ...

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Aspire Cobble Aio Pod Kit

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