A Colorful Device–Ijoy Captain PD270

Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god…One cool device coming out to the market and slipping into vaping player’s eyes, it become vapers’ new loved device. Not every new item can get vapers’ eyes, but Ijoy Captain PD270 make it successfully and become hot and hot in the market.


Get the PD270, open the package, you would be attracted by its special appearance which is different from other device.

TheIJOY Captain PD270 I received is black–colored and it definitely arrives in style. It comes in a lavish two-floor cardboard box with the black and white color combo. It is tastefully presented and matches the general color scheme.The contents are set on two separated floor. The IJOY Captain PD270 mod are on the top sections and other accessories include two 3000mAh 20700 cells, a microUSB cable, a 18650 cell adaptor a warrant card are on the bottom.


Features & Spec:
Max Wattage: 234W
Bright and big size screen
No overhang with 30mm tanks
Dual 20700 batteries Box Mod
18650 battery fit with adapter
Personalized design, with a unique experience
NI/TI/SS temperature control
TCR function
Unique Custom User Mode
Resistance Range: 0.05~3.0 ohm
USB port charging support
Firmware Upgradeable

1 * iJoy Captain PD270 Box Mod
2 * iJoy 20700 Batteries or no battery if you choose No battery version
1 * 18650 adaptor
1 * USB Cable
1 * Manual
1 * Warranty Card


IJOY Captain PD270 measures 89mm height × 48mm length × 32mm width, delivering a relatively compact characteristics and fitting perfectly in the palm of your hand.

From the outside, IJOY Captain PD270 feels like nothing short of a well-made device. It has a simple yet fashion accents of its design. The artistic-designed plates are surrounded by delicate slopes and edges and the curves on the edges gives a soft feel working in to pair with the high-grade leather stickers. Captain PD270 released 3 color options – Black,Gun metal and Rainbow as well as 18 different leather stickers. The Captain PD270 logo nested at the back gives a distinct iJOY touch. It completing the coherent design without being too distracting.

The front holds a chunky OLED screen and two -/+buttons buttons. The huge power button is nested on the left side of the box and you might have to use your index finger, which is not so convenient for me. The power button is huge though, and I am pretty sure your fingers have no trouble finding it.

The 234-watt power output is a average spec nowadays, but the High Quality IWEPAL  Gene Chip works efficiently making it a high-powered mods to produce excellent vapor for days.

The OLED display is big enough to gives most of the commands. It is sufficient bright and  you won’t have any issue reading the screen even under the bright lighting. Also, the interface with battery status, resistance value, power output etc. are easy to read.


IJOY Captain PD270 is loaded with most of the necessary modes. Press the fire button 3 times then you will enter into the main menu with 5 setting modes – Power mode,TC mode,TCR mode,Standby time set and Puff reset.

Puff Couter:  IJOY Captain PD270 shows the number of puffs. If a puff lasts more than 0.8s, it will be recorded as one puff. The value will be saved even if you remove the battery. There is also a “RESET PUFF” icon adopts here.


Power Mode:  There are 5 intensity setting, namely Norm,Hard,Soft and User customized. The user mode is to customize the power output with 6 columns setting. Each represents output of every 0.5 second and all together represents that of the first 3 seconds of each puff.

Temp Mode: There are 4 advanced temperature settings – Ni, SS, Ti, M1, M2. You can press right button(when “W” is flashing) to adjust wattage or left button(when “F” is flashing) to adjust temperature value.

TCR Mode: After entering to “TCR” mode, you can press fire button to choose between TCR m1 and TCR m2.
Standby Time: After entering main menu and choose “SET” icon, there are 4 preset Standby Time choices – 10’s, 30’s, 60’s and 90’s.

As we saw earlier, the real star of the show is, of course, that dual 20700 battery. Unlike the existing devices that carry the 18 mm diameter and 65 mm height better known as an 18650 batteries, IJOY Captain PD270 will pack the larger diameter and taller 20700 cells (20 mm dia x 70 mm height). This aims to have an important impact on current standard of battery capacity.

Typically, Starters and certain flavor chasers don’t care about battery life on an entry-level device. That’s because the moment they crank up a 16-watt power output to take a sip on a single 18650 battery device, they’ll be lucky to get 2 days out of it.
However, for seasoned vapers or frenzied Cloudage chasers, such battery capacity on their high output power devices is far from enough. Basically, expect around one or two days of single 18650 battery life in general use. They can get more, but they’ll have to crank down the power output and other specifications.
With dual 20700 battery mod though, they’re now in an interesting world. It’s a “true” Cloudage machine that lets them run crazier power output, but for more than 3 days. Slightly heavier though, you can still use on the move. In a word, the best option for Vapers chasing Cloud Beast specification and longer better battery life might be to opt for this Captain PD270 box mod.

The battery door itself is solid without worrying too much of the horizontal and vertical play with it and it opens quickly while fastens relatively securely. Besides, the 18650 adapter is a thoughtful feature.  The thread type of this mod is a classic Gold-plated center pin of 510 connectors. There are Four opens around the thread to prevent seizing and galling.

In words, you would be interested in this mod deeply, get one and love it.