IJOY Captain Subohm Tank VS Uwell Crown 3


  1. The top cap can be screwed out easily ,convenient for refilling.
  2. The coil can be pulled out directly, simple for changing coils.
  3. Two types of multiple-coil brings differentflavors and vapor.
  4. Multiple colors of the two atomizers for choice.



  1. Tank Capacity: Uwell Crown 3-5ml, IJOY Captain 4ml
  2. Ijoy Captain has a design of groove in the middle of the tank that can reduce the heat conduction; Uwell doesn’t have such a design.
  3. The inflow into IJOY Captain is more stable and mild. The dome design in the atomizer can help to produce much denser and softer vapor;  The inflow of Uwell  Crown 3 is fierce.
  4. The drip tip of IJOY Captain is much wider and the diameter of the upper part is bigger than that of the lower part. Such design is helpful for collecting the reflux condensation and thus reduce the condensation into the mouth; Uwell Crown 3 has different-colored drip tips and the drip tip is attached witha top cap that you can cover the drip tip when it’s not in use and can also block the dust.
  5. Ijoy Captain is pre-installed with a CA2 coil which is formed of heating wires made of different materials. Such a coil can bring a higher reduction degree of the flavor and the gold-electroplated bottom of the coil is of better electrical conductivity. The coil installed in Uwell Crown 3 is a single-coil and its bottom is not gold-electroplated.  Ijoy Captain C8A can allows a maximum 120w output, while Uwell Crwon 3 only supports a maximum 90w output.

Let’s Learn about CoilArt AZEROTH RTA

Some vapers are attracted deeply by Azeroth RTA. I have no idea of the reason that vaper chase it and love it.

Let’s have a look on it. First look on it, you would think it is not special, just original like others. But learn about it and you would know, it is triple coils which would make more heavier and attractive cloud. This is the point that experienced players are interested in.

RTA tank is a kind of DIY, it need you to make coils by yourself on the tank. Azetoth RTA is a tank that has been improved, more practical and delicate.

For newbies, RTA is not a good choice. DIY is more complicate for them.

But for experienced player, RTA is absolutely a good good choice. Which will show your good experience and make you feel successful on making the coils. To Choose AZEROTH RTA would not let you feel regret.

One more advantage for AZEROTH RTA, when you fill the liquid, it won’t overflow depending on the design of top-filling.

Here are some tips, we need to pay attention to when make the triple coils uing the 24G A1:

  1. Need to pay attention to the compactness of winding coils, the better the handmade, the faster coils fused while heating.
  2. To choose good quality heating coils; First, it own strong carbon deposition resistance; Second, it would make fast fusing coils while heating. After all you would need more time for re-making triple coils than duplicate coils.
  3. Pls keep the coil ends on the same length. You could measure one of coil ends without fixing firstly, and shear the other coil ends with similar length according to the first one, then fix all.
  4. When fix the coils, you do not need to mind the direction, you could adjust with winding bar after finish fixing, and also you have no need to fold the coil ends and so on.

What is the difference between RBA, RDA, RTA and RDTA?

RBA, RDA, RTA and RDTA, what’s all the about? Do you know how to sort them out?

Just like shopping for a proper pair of shoes for a special occasion, there is also need for you to know how to choose a proper tank to satisfy your personal need.

Small knowledge to share with you ~

From the usage, atomizers can be divided into two categories, the huge vapor oriented atomizers and the flavor oriented atomizers.

If you vape for replacing smoking, you can choose the flavor oriented atomizers. If you vape for playing and you like huge vapor, you can choose the huge vapor oriented atomizers.

Structurally, tanks can be divided into two big categories,  finished atomizer and RBA.

Finished atomizers always comes with finished coils and come into two types, the huge vapor oriented atomizers and the flavor oriented atomizers.

RBA means you can build your own coil on it, including RDA, RTA and RDTA.

RDA is short for Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer; RTA is short for Rebuildable Tank Atomizer; RDTA is short for Rebuildable Dripping and Tank Atomizer.

Structures of different atomizers:

A finished atomizer is composed of drip tip, top cap, oil tank, finished coil and base.

RTA  is composed of drip tip, top cap, atomization warehouse, oil tank, electrode base.

RDA is composed of drip tip, atomization warehouse cap, atomization warehouse and electrode base.

RDTA is composed of drip tip, atomization warehouse cap, atomization warehouse, electrode base and oil tank.

Suggestions for purchase:

  1. Due to the fact that finished atomizers maintains the strengths of stable flavor and easy operation, they are more suitable for the new vapers or the vapers who don’t have the time or don’t want to build coils.
  2. After a long time development, RTA starts to polarize into two directions. One is the mouth-to-lung RTA that focuses on the flavor of the oil. Another one is the direct-to-lung RTA that focuses on  huge vapor and long duration time. The simplest way to distinguish them is size of the air inlet.
  3. RDA also polarizes into two directions, one is oriented to the huge vapor and the other one is oriented to the flavor. Vapers can distinguish them by the size of the warehouse and air inlet. Generally speaking, the flavor-oriented RDA has smaller atomization warehouse and air inlet.
  4. RDTA is equivalent to a RDA with a oil tank.  Such design is to improve problem of RDA that  it has low oil storage in the cotton.

After evolving for so many years, there appear various atomizers in the market according to the different requirements of the vapers.  All in all, all the innovative structures aim at bringing better vaping experience to the vapers.

Nice View on Charon 218W

Let’s have a good view on the full disclosure of Charon 218W.

Let’s get all the disclosures out of the way. This mod was sent to me directly from Smoant specifically for the purposes of this review. This will not in any way, shape, or form cause me to give this mod a favorable review or change my opinion in any way.

First Impression Out Of The Box:
Oh boy, I’ve been waiting on this one. This is a beauty. The finish on this mod is just gorgeous. It’s like a shiny brushed aluminum look. Nice looking form factor with beautiful buttons that match the mod. If this thing vapes half as good as it looks than we are in for a real treat.

What’s In The Box:

Not much to see here. Basically the mod, USB cable, and an instruction manual. Just as well let’s move on to the mod.

From Top To Bottom:
Really nice 510 on this mod. The threading is buttery smooth and the platform actually has a really nice design on it. The pin itself is firm yet springy and all of my atomizers sit flush on it. Anything 25mm and under will look great on the Charon.

The side of the mod has a battery cover that is similar to a Lost Vape Therion. To be honest the whole mod has a similar look to the Lost Vape Therion. Covered with a leather sticker the door slides onto the mod to cover your batteries. It’s a really well done solid door secured with strong magnets, with no wiggle at all. The door itself even has some venting on the top and bottom of the cover. The door sticker seems to be leather and it looks fantastic and feels great in the hand. The trim on the battery door is a brushed stainless steel.

The battery tray is clearly marked for battery orientation. The battery contacts look to be either brass or gold plated. The top contacts stay stationary and the bottom mounted contacts are spring loaded. They have a nice firm spring to them and do a good job of keeping the batteries firmly in place. There is also a battery ribbon present to make taking out your batteries easier.
The body of the mod has plenty of venting along the sides of the mod. The venting cutouts are rectangular in shape and have some screening behind them. There are 4 of these vents on each side. The fire button is absolutely fantastic. It has just the right feel and its clicky and responsive. The +/- buttons are shaped like a parallelogram and have the same exact feel as the fire button. Below the +/- buttons is the update/charge port.
The screen is just beautiful and while it seems to be the same screen as the Battlestar my Charon screen is much brighter. It has all of the same info and font as the Battlestar just significantly brighter. All of the pertinent information is available to the user such as mode, battery life, wattage, temperature, and resistance. The only branding on this mod is on the the bottom where it says Smoant.

The Look, Feel, and General Aesthetics Of The Mod:
This is one sexy looking mod. It has the same look and feel as the Therion, Finder, or VT 133/167. The only difference being is you don’t have to break the bank paying for a DNA. While the battery door does feel like a leather sticker it does not smell like leather, either way it’s a nice touch. Smoant says that it is leather. I believe other door stickers will be available in the future should you want to change the look of your mod. Overall this is a solid, high quality, well built, mod and it’s definitely what I have come to expect from Smoant. It feels great in your hand and does not feel cheap at all. Smoant outdid themselves on this one and made one classy, elegant, looking mod.

The Board:
The board used in the Charon is the Ant 218, it’s designed by Smoant and is upgradeable. Smoant took special care to make sure this chipset fires your tank with almost no delay and they succeeded. Just like the Battlestar the Charon has a full temperature control suite and just like the Battlestar the Charon does an awesome job with TC. This mod will vape just like the Battlestar but in a different form factor.
The Menu System:
This menu system is as simple as it gets.
5 clicks on/off
3 clicks to get into the main menu
Use the +/- button to scroll through the main menu
Use the fire button to select in the main menu
+/ button at the same time flips the screen
In TC mode hold the + button and fire button to adjust your wattage
But Deuces, How Does She Vape:
Great vape on a great mod. I can’t tell you enough how impressed I am by this chipset. If it had a few more tweaks or some software or an app I would put it right up there with an FSK, Yihi, or DNA board. It vapes that well in TC. I’m running the Smoant RTA on it right now with dual SS Aliens ohming out at .14 at 90 watts and 500 degrees. Between this tank and this mod I am in vape heaven. Great flavorful clouds and the Charon looks really good in my hand as I vape. What more can a vaper ask for?
This is just a glorious mod. If you always wanted a Therion, Finder, or VT 133/167 and just didn’t want to shell out the money for a DNA than this mod was made for you. It has a very similar look and at the same time is very affordable but don’t let the price fool you. This is one capable TC mod. The Ant board is very underrated and it won’t be long before vapers start taking notice of this board. Just remember when it happens you heard it from DeucesJack first. This mod is DeucesJack approved.
Pros & Cons:
A note about Pros and Cons. These are my Pros and Cons. They are very subjective. What may be a pro to me could be a con to you and vice versa.

* Chipset
* Build quality
* Vape quality
* Battery door
* Simple menu system
* Quality 510
* Elegant branding
* Plenty of venting
* Bright screen
* Firmware upgradeable
* Overall look and feel

* The shiny parts of the mod can be a fingerprint magnet.
In case you haven’t noticed I really struggled to find any cons for this mod.
* Size: 91mm(H)*25 mm(W)*53mm(L)
* Takes 2 X 18650 battery
* Material: Zinc alloy & High quality leather
* VW Mode power range: 1-218W
* Temperature Control Mode support Ni200 Nickel, Titanium, Stainless Steel, Ni-chrome and * TCR(Temperature Coefficient of Resistivity)
* TC temperature range: 200-600℉/ 100-300℃
* Support resistance low to 0.1ohm
* Firmware Upgradable
* Magnetic back cover, makes it easy to replace the battery
* Can be charged through usb port
* Weight(Without batteries): 195g
* Low Resistance Protection
* Over-time Protection
* Reverse Polarity Protection
* Overheating Protection

SMOK TFV12 –A King?

SMOK, the crazy company that brought you the Cloud Beast is at it once again with the TFV12 Cloud Beast King.

There’s a new king in town and he’s a beast….

The TFV8, much like the original gangster TFV4, quickly set the standard for sub ohm tanks by raising the bar quite high. This also landed them a spot in the hearts of vapers everywhere. Is it possible for SMOK to outdo themselves? They’ve done it before, so why can’t they do it again?

Leave it to SMOK to figure out how to cram twelve coils into one coilhead. When they got up to eight, we thought it was getting out of hand but a dozen coils!? Jesus Christ dude. There will be a wide range of other coil options available in addition to these crazy duodenary coil heads.

The SMOK TF-series had been known to deliver great flavor and I’m predicting that the TFV12 will only exceed that standard. The question now is by how much? The flavor on the TFV8 is the closest experience to a dripper you can get from a tank, in my opinion. If the TFV12 can top that, why bother dripping?

The SMOK TFV12 has a 6mL capacity, which is good because it probably goes through more juice than a day care center. The TFV12 is heat resistant and explosion proof, whatever that means. The Cloud Beast King has a 27mm “chest” and it comes in a variety of awesome colors.

I think this tank is going to be very popular since the trends are now leaning towards quad-cell mods that are capable of above 300W. I don’t know why you would ever need such a hot vape but if you do, the Cloud Beast King can handle it. I wonder how it will compare to the iJoy EXO.

How do you think the TFV12 is going to compare to the original Cloud Beast TFV 8? Leave us a comment below and share your thoughts. Did SMOK lose their minds or are they changing the vape game, one beast at a time? I feel that Cloud Beast King is like the Hummer of subtanks.

Hi Look at Coolvapor Lava RTA


With the development of the ecig industry, many creation groups constituted by ecig players gradually emerged. They are full of enthusiasm to summarize the accumulated usage experience of devices and collect them together. Then based on the same design model and in the name of an independent group, they will launch some strong-targeted products.

The Lava RTA shared today was launched by a rising research team named Coolvapor. What a Lava Rta this research team constituted by experienced players and professional ecig practitioner will bring to us? Let’s move forward!

Lava Rta adopts a brief package,  and the brown paper sealed by a rope gives the package a slight of retro feel.  Apart from the sign of Coolvapor  and the QR code of the Official account, the side face is printed with a  diagram of the sectional structure.  When you open the package, the first thing into your sight is an scratch card with anti-counterfeit label. It is said that this scratch card can be used for the lucky draw and the gifts include Iphone7, limited Lava Rta as well as some other attractive stuff (subject to the final confirmation of the official information)

Apart from the Scratch card mentioned previously, when you open the package, you will also find a very intimate Chinese manual, which elaborates how to use the atomizer, how to make the heating coil and the detailed structure of the atomizer. The spare seal ring, Allen Key, glass tube and atomizer are fastened separately with dense cotton.  The reason why there is detailed description on the package is that before you use he Lava Rta, he or she can feel the full sincerity of the ground breaking work from all its aspects.

It features a diameter of 24 MM and there are two colors for choice, the SS original color and the electroplating black.  The brief straight outlook is matched with the short bold POM drip tip, and the slash on the side face can rightly echoes the strokes of its name LAVA. From the perspective of its outlook, the good looking of this RTA can please many players. No matter it matches the box mod or mech mod, it is pretty in both ways and appealing to the eyes!

The POM drip tip with big diameter conforms to the conception of integration. The cap on the top is made of POM materials and the lower part is made of SS metal gold.  The two parts are integrated into one and are inseparable. The one with the match color of SS metal gold can be clearly distinguished between the two materials. The drip tip adopts an incision of slope angle, giving the shape of the atomizer a strong feeling. During using, no condensation situation appears.  From the bottom, you can see the design mark of the group  and the serial number of the atomizer. The protrusion length of the gold-plating electrode can drive the mech mod securely and the overall workmanship is excellent.

The air inflow adjustable ring can be dissembled separately.  Structurally, it can make users to associate it with the radiant PETRI RTA released a  while ago.  And in the inner side of the bottom inflow adjustable ring, you can see the bayonet and the groove. The groove is convenient for positioning the base thus for applying force to dissemble them. The slot is speculated to have two usages. The first one is to give the adjustable ring a comfortable sense of damping, and the second one is to avoid leaking of air after closing the intake.

After you dissemble the atomizer, you will see the bottom part is a split type. It soon makes you to think of the Petri Rta which needs loosening and fastening the electrode screw, and the Pico Rta which needs to lock the ring on the unfixed split base and some other troublesome operation method.

But after the practical usage experience, we can find that the Lava Rta needs an extra step, but the step has never caused a “irritating” using feel. It will be elaborated in details below.

The atomizer tube and the base are the structural core of Lava Rta. There is a groove in the inner side of the gold-plating atomizer tube, which is used for positioning the filling hole and locking the electrode for spin assembling and disassembling.

As regard to the workmanship and finishing degree, it is difficult to find the workmanship weakness of this atomizer, especially the damp is appropriate when dissembling and assembling the parts, and the size of the sealing ring are just right.


The electrodes adopt the most common style of two poles with four holes. The locking hole can just allow in an entwining rod with the diameter of 1 MM. The bottom of the LAVE electrode directly adopts the standard 510 connection, not very many complicated procedures brought by the rotation-typed unfixed base of PICO RTA and the unscrew/screw positive electrode screw of PETRI RTA. The electrode of LAVA RTA is separate from the base. Coil making  and burning can be operated on the510 connection thread which is for connecting the mod and work table.

The electrodes adopt the most common style of two poles with four holes. The locking hole can just allow in an entwining rod with the diameter of 1 MM. The bottom of the LAVE electrode directly adopts the standard 510 connection, not very many complicated procedures brought by the rotation-typed unfixed base of PICO RTA and the unscrew/screw positive electrode screw of PETRI RTA. The electrode of LAVA RTA is separate from the base. Coil making  and burning can be operated on the510 connection thread which is for connecting the mod and work table.

Before making the coil,  you can observe the structure of the top.  The “L” seal ring can fix the glass tube more effectively and reach a more effective cushion effect. And the filling seal ring on the top is also slightly different from the ordinary type. LAVA RTA uses the embedded seal ring and the other side is the “outer convex” metal. The two parts connecting together to form a close “valve”.

If the mech mod is adopted, the material of NI80 can be used for the coil. If the mod is of ordinary power, the material of A1 can be used. Since the coil making table is of limited space, we suggest that you

choose the coil with a diameter of 24G, the circle diameter of 2.5 and twist into 6 to 8 loops, thus to bring a balanced taste experience.

It’s worth mentioning that it’s also very simple to make the cotton of LAVA RTA, just trimming the cotton to the proper length and then put it in the cotton slot. When installing the glass tube, you can find the four filling holes are positioned very precisely by the groove. As long as the quantity of the cotton is not too little, leaking will not appear. When the cotton on the base is installed, you can aim the top part of the atomizer to the groove directly, insert it to the base and screw on the base.

Because of the sealing effect of the intake adjusting ring, there are completely no back flow in the process of using. To adjust the air hole has an obvious effect on the drawing resistance. The top lid is very thick, apart from its good insulation effect, biggest highlight of it is that you can completely put the drip tip of the atomizer much deeper into the mouth. In this way the huge vapor can reach the tongue tip directly, thus you can vape mouth-to-lung at your will. No matter the volume, the density and the reduction degree of the oil flavor, they can all give you a pretty good usage experience.

All in all, this LAVA RTA has a balanced performance on vapor and flavor. Excepting that you need to take one more step when making the coil, you can hardly find other weaknesses on its workmanship, reliability and taste. However, as a research team constituted by experienced players and professional practitioner,their ground breaking work can be really satisfying—endowed with good looking, but choose to stand out by functionality! Good both inside and outside is the feeling after using this LAVA RTA.

Moreover, you can enjoy 20% off and the Coupon Code is Lava20 (Valid time: 18th.Mar.-17th.Apr.2017)

Aspire Zelos-Six modes in total!

Official Link: www.urvapin.com

As a senior ecig manufacturer, Aspire has gone further and further, better and better.

Today we are going to have a talk on the Aspire Zelos Kit.

On its appearance, Aspire is designed of simplicity and is really stylish. It’s pleased to eyes with its linear structure,  and it comes in three colors, red, black and grey.

The aluminum paint of the body is really nice and gives the kit a very good handfeel. The size is not very big or small, very comfortable for carrying.



Functionally, the aspire Zelos is a compact and ergonomic mouth-to-lung vaporizer. The Zelos Mod is powered by a 2500mah built-in battery, enough for most players to vape for a whole day by a single charge. It is built with a Nautilus 2 tank, which is the newest mouth to lung tank from Aspire. The Zelos is featured with six different modes to meet different vaping needs, VV, VW, Bypass, Ni, Ti and SS. The Zelos also has a screen lock as well as an auto rotating screen to make it as user friendly as possible. The OLED screen is 0.69 and displays resistance, temperature, wattage and voltage. It can be charged at a maximum of 1A, decreasing the time spent waiting to use the vape while its charging. The original package contains a USB charger, you can easily charge the kit if you have a computer or a power bank around you.


The Nautilus 2 Tank has a capacity of 2ml and is easy for filling with the feature of top fill. The most unique feature of this tank is its adjustable airflow holes. Also the tank has multiple coil options, 0.7 Ω and 1.8 Ω Standard Nautilus Coils.


For filling,  you can easily dissemble the tank by just unscrew the base ring and the metal top tube, then fill along the side of the glass tube and also do the dripping on the coil. To change the coil, you just pump off the glass tube and unscrew the coil.

When using it, you just need to click the fire button 5 times continually. To change it into different mode, you will need click the “+” and “-” button simultaneously, then you click the “+” or “-” to switch between the modes, VV, VW, Bypass, Ni, Ti and SS.  When you click the fire button and the “+” button, the screen will be locked but the mode is still firing. And when you click the fire button three times continually, the mode will be transferred into the stealth mode, meaning that the screen will be off but the mod is still firing.


In its package, it contains 1 piece of Nautilus 2 Tank (Pre-installed 0.7Ω coil), 1 piece of Zelos 50W mod, 1 piece of Extra Drip Tip, 1 piece of Extra glass tube, 1 piece of Spare 1.8Ω coil, 1 piece of Micro Usb Cable, 8 piece of O-rings and 1 piece of User Manual.

Personally, this tank is worth a try with a super cheap price offered by Urvapin. Only $39.99  for a piece.  Feel free to contact [email protected] if you are interested.

Urvapin delivers you super cheap atomizers, tanks, mods, kits and ecig accessories with finest quality.

Remark on Five New RDTA and Skills for Using

Official Link: urvapin.com

From the year 2016 to the present, experiencing a slack period for a while, RDTA atomizers largely emerge in the market again. Today, we pick out five newly-emerged and distinctive RDTA atomizers to present to you and also will provide some using skills.

The RDTA atomizer we are talking about is not defined with complete accuracy. I will divide them into two parts. One is that it has the common rda atomizer structure on the top and oil tank at the bottom (strictly speaking, this should be classified as RBA atomizer ). I call such atomizer as RDTA in a broad sense (after all, such type has been accepted by the public). The other one is that it can be changed between RDA and the general-sensed RDTA, namely RDTA atomizer in a narrow sense. The lists below contains such two types of RDTA atomizers. What exactly are the details? Let’s talk about them separately.

  1. Smoant Battles Tar RDTA

The structure of this atomizer is very similar to that of the Limitless RDTA Plus appeared in an earlier time. But compared with Limitless RDTA plus, it strengthens the tightness. At the cap of the atomization warehouse, the dome is designed to be gathered inward, thus enhancing the density of the vapor and make the flavor  much thicker.  The color of this Smoant RDTAsynchronizes with the color of the mod.  It can be said that they are officially  matched.

After the improvement of the weaknesses of the previous RDTA, this Smoant RDTA atomizer can be called an excellent RDTA atomizer.

2.Serpent RDTA

This atomizer adopts many structures that are different to other RDTA atomizers. So to speak, this RDTA is very unique among all the RDTA atomizers. No matter its presser-styled electrodes, o-ring sealing to two filling holes, and the middle-to-bottom inflow system, all of them makes this RDTA very special. The tiny atomization warehouse can produce extremely compressed vapor and bring dense flavor.  The special structure can well support the user to vape at a standard flavor data with high power for a long time without any  oil defecting problem.

So to speak, this RDTA atomizer is a flavor-oriented atomizer and can store oil. It has excellent flavor and good capacity. Surely, its anti-leaking is also a very important strength.

  1. Merlin RDTA

This atomizer is made lots of efforts on the appearance. No matter the Logo on the atomization warehouse, the net carve pattern on the top cap and the base, and the gold-plated hollow carve parts in the oil tank, all of these structures endows this atomizer with a primitive feel of totem. The filling hole adopts the way of filling in the middle.  The filling hole can be sealed by the plug component on the top cap. The cotton hole adopts the arc open type design. Each side has a cotton hole. (It really tests the skill of wicking. If the cotton hole is not plugged well, it will surely results the oil leaking from the cotton hole. )  The electrode adopts the design of dual posts and dual holes. The width of the oil locking holes is enough to install the combined fancy coil which is comparatively wide. The bottom inflow system strengthens the performance in flavor.

  • From the appearance and the unique structure, this atomizer is full of creativeness. In using, since the  space between the two electrodes is very wide and the size of the coil locking holes is big, this atomizer actually matches the combined fancy coil and can ensure good flavor. But it’s really hard for the new players to do the wicking.
  1. New Limitless RDTA

The first narrow-sensed RDTA atomizer we mentioned here can choose to install or not install the oil tank through changing the connections of the components (RDTA or RDA).  It also provides multiple electrodes for the players to satisfy different needs on building the coil and different coils. The appearance is very simple without many complicated lines or patterns. The diameter of the atomizer reaches 25mm, stunning! Such long diameter brings huge atomization space and accordingly can meet different installing needs of the fancy coils. But the problem also comes. The huge space cannot compress the vapor well. The user can only use the ordinary low-resistance coil that can produce huge vapor and the fancy coils to gain a good usage experience.

In summary, this RDTA is of very high playability.  The only defect is that its sealing is not very good, and it sometimes has the  leaking problem.

  1. MAGE Combo RDTA

This RDTA is also convertible on its shape. But the converting method is a little bit different to the NEW LIMITLESS RDTA.  To fill this atomizer, you will need to disassemble the oil tank.  After filling the tank, then you assemble the electrode base back to the atomization warehouse. The operation is hard, but it completely avoid the leaking problem caused by bad sealing (Oil leaking caused by bad procession of the cotton is not counted in ).  There is bottom inflow hole and top inflow hole, both of them are adjustable. When adjusting the  bottom inflow hole, it will absolutely influence the inflow direction on the top.

All in all, the playability of this atomizer is slightly higher with nice stability. Especially the changing of the inflow direction can  produce a better flavor. Moreover, the fact that it can be changed into the form of RDA also add fun to it.

Skills for using:

Next comes the skills for using. There is no need for us to regard the oil tank at the bottom of RDTA as the oil tank of RTA. There are several factors for my viewpoint. First, due to the structures of many RDTAs, if the cotton is too long, it will be hard to put in the cotton, and it’s easy to involve the cotton end into the screw thread. Second, if the cotton is too long, it will influence the speed  and volume of oil deflecting. Third, the cotton itself will occupy the space of the tank (Also the oil remnant on the cotton will also result the waste of oil, and many other problems as well.

Thus, we can only regard the oil storing space below the electrodes as a portable oil filling system. As regard to the building of coil, we can completely copy the way how we build coil on RDA. The only difference is that the reserved length of the cotton should be longer on the RDTA. In this way, we can assure that the cotton ends could be inserted into the oil tank completely and that the leaking problem could be reduced.

Experienced RDA players can easily feel the remnant. When you feel that the oil on the cotton is not sufficient, you can invert the atomizer (When there is enough oil in the oil tank, you don’t have to invert the atomizer. Since that when you are vaping, the atomizer is tilted. The oil will naturally fill into the coil through the cotton) to make the cotton end touch the oil.  Only two or three seconds are needed to fill enough oil into the coil.

Well, that’s it.

Usage Experience of LMC ARMS RACE 200W— Cool not only outside but also inside.

Official Link: urvapin.com

The new products release time of LIMITLESS (called LMC below) always attract a crowd of followers due to its edge-cutting design.  Appearance has always been an killer of LMC to surpass other products, and the coexistence of its actual functionality and edge-cutting design is also the reason why it’s liked by players.

No matter in which period or place, the military style will never be out of fashion and can attracts lots of followers. Recently, LMC released a box mod ARMS RACE powered by dual batteries of big power and based on the design element of “bullet box”. Here below I will bring the actual usage experience of this mod to you.

The package of ARMS RACE box mod adopts the style of hat box. The wide range of gilding Medal pattern really shines the eyes. The back is printed with some information of the LMC brand but without detailed specifications. Since the one I have is just a sample of it, there is only a mod with a brand card, in the package, none any spare parts.

The mod is painted with rubber paint, giving it really nice hand feel. The whole shape of it is very close to the bullet box of ruffle. The camouflage pattern of the bottom attaches a shining point to its appearance. No relative materials has been published officially. The light body should be made of plastic. There is completely no pressure to carry it around.

The black part  on which side shows the sign of LMC is the screen. The screen of the mod is a little bit dark. The two sides of the small cross section are processed with the shape of semi-circle and square separately.  On the semi-circle side, there is a gilding medal pattern for decoration. On the square side, there is the switch and adjusting buttons.  In the light of the hand feel, the ARMS RACE box mod is of very good quality.

The camouflage pattern part at the bottom is the lid of battery compartment, adopting the light-weighted alloy material.  On the side where the eight pressure-releasing holes is on, there is a switch-pusher of the battery cabin. The lock of Arms Race box mod’s battery adopts the way of clamping but not strong magnet, further simulating the operation of military bullet box. The USB port is on the side of the switch and can realize the direct charging of the box mod.

The 510 thread on the top adopts the gold-gilded spring electrode, but at the connection, there is none integrated scabbing-proof plate. If it is in long-term usage, unavoidably, there will be scratches. The concave-convex on the top and the oblique petal pattern by the 510 connection both fortify the military style.

As for the workmanship, you can hardly find faults or weaknesses. There is a reasonable assembling gap between the “510”connection and the top of the mod.  Though the gap is not caused by faults of workmanship, it will have the problems of stocking dust or liquid. Once there appears such problem, it will be hard for cleaning.

When the lid of the battery compartment is pushed in, it will connect with the mod perfectly. The buttons of the mod are all of light elastic force.  The camouflage paint is the rubber paint. Though it can give the mod a nice hand feel, it can easily have the problem of peeling off. This is the defect of rubber paint.

When you open the lid of the battery compartment, you can see the thoughtful design for the positioning of the lid—two round holes. When you install the lid, you only need to push up the lid.  When you hear a slight sound of “click”, it indicates that they match well. In all the aspects, this ARMS RACE box mod imitates the real military device and gives a feeling of military experience.

The mod can match tanks of 25mm diameter maximally. On the appearance, there is nearly no edge exposure problem due to that the petal-shaped arc plate can encircle the atomizer in it. When using the fire button, the slide proof combining the rubber paint gives the mod very good hand feel. Every click for firing is very crisp.

The ARMS RACE box mod adopts the chips that is costumed for LMC. The operation of such chips is of slight difference to those in the market. Users will need some time to adopt to it. Here I will give you a brief introduction of the key combinations.

  1. Click the fire button five times to switch on/ off the box mod.
  2. The mod will automatically recognize the resistance, and the new atomizer will indicates the choice of new or old. Adjusting the button to switch between them and press the fire button to confirm it. In the TC mode, when you install the atomizer of A1 coil. After recognizing, the mod will default back to the Wattage mode.
  3. If you press the two adjusting buttons simultaneously, you can lock or unlock the wattage adjusting button.

4、 When you press the “+”button and the fire button simultaneously to step into the mode selection situation and when you press the adjusting button to chose the mode, the mod will switch between the “Wattage Mode”, “ Autonomous TC Mode”, “Automatic TC Mode”, and you can press the fire button to make confirmation.

Under the wattage mode, the mod can be adjusted to 200w maximally. For the moment, there is none relative information illustrating the supporting range of the minimized resistance. I installed a A1 RDA of 0.09 Ω and found out that it could be used with this mod. As regard to the firing performance of the mod, ARMS RACE box mod has no firing delay problem. Under the low resistance of 0.09Ω and the balanced wattage of 150W, the performance can be described as firing if you pressing. The heating stability is good.

Though the TC mode has become common after being a flash in the pan for a while, this mod still remains the TC mode and even sets two different types of TC modes. Since this mode doesn’t have official instruction, here I will give some brief instruction based on my usage experience.

  1. When you switch the mod into the TC mode with the J logo, the mod will indicate to choose the material of the coil (NI/SS316/TI) before getting into the mode. When getting into the mode, the mod will completely get into the automatic situation. When you fire the mod, it will automatically match a proper J value corresponding to the resistance of the atomizer. When in this mode, the mouth feel will be soft. For the test, I used the atomizer of 0.4Ω single coil, the mod automatically matches a heating wattage of 20-30J(you can not adjust the resistance manually). But the actual situation of this function needs to be introduced officially. This time is only a simple experience.
  2. When you switch the mod into the TC mode with logo “TC”( namely the common TC mode), before the mod gets into the mode, you will need to confirm the wattage, the material of the coil (NI/TI/SS316/TCR) and the temperature, then the mod will get into this TC mode. The way of using it is of very little difference to that of the common TC mode. Users can set different specifications  to change the mouth feel.

LMC adopts the military style to design this ARMS RACE box mod, and uses the chips with satisfying performance to make it not cool in its appearance. In today’s competition of mods, besides the chip performance, overall quality, simple operation, players also need some “cool” products. LMC is such a product targeting these products. But whether on earth you will place an order on this product, it will  depend on whether you can resist the charm of the military style.

Warm Hint: Since every one has different usage experience, this article will only represent the point of view of the author. For reference only!

Usage Experience of Alpine RDTA—Simple refilling and Best Wicking!


Entering the second season of 2017, the RDTA structured products are largely thrown to the vaping groups after the stagnation in last year. A large quantity of new RDTA emerged in the market. Echoing to this development tide, Syntheticloud company recently launched a RDTA, named Alpine RDTA, which is a RDTA of 24mm diameter with top and bottom airflow holes. Here below I will bring you guys the usage experience of this RDTA.

It is packed in an Acylic box. The sign of SC company and the atomizer can be seen clearly. At the bottom, there is labeled with some product information concerning the atomizer, for example, central fill, 3ml juice capacity, 24K gold plated internals and so on.

Simply in the light of appearance, Alpine RDTA still remains the appearance features of AEOLUS RDA.  There are no heating coils suggested by the official. Except for the atomizer, there is only the spare o-rings, electrode screw and glass tube.

To a large extent, the top airflow hole represents the series of AEOLUS RDA. But on the Alpine RDTA, you can find air inflow hole at the bottom. Generally, concerning air inflow holes like this both on the top and at the bottom, the bottom air inflow holes plays a main part and the top air inflow hole part plays a secondary part. In a greater extent, the top airflow hole plays a role in assisting the heat dissipation.

The daily disassembling is divided into six parts. The upper parts are the electro black ones and the lower parts are the electro gilding ones. The lower parts is very convenient for the daily operation. Under the situation that the glass tube and the bottom parts are not installed, you can also make the coil and heat the coil. And after you fill in the cotton, you can scatter the cotton and then install it back to the glass tube and the base parts.

The drip tip connects the air inflow slot. At the connection of the drip tip (POM) and the top cap (medal), there is no o-ring to produce damp. The top parts open totally with six round air inflow holes. Between the two lines of inflow holes, you can see the “plug”of the filling hole at the vapor entrance. In the using of this atomizer, the top of the glass tube can easily collect the condensate liquid. Every time when you finish the oil in the tube, you will need to clear the tube with tissue.

Totally, there are three components on the gold-plated plate, and the gold-plated plate has a “L” inflow  at the bottom.  You can see the filling post in the middle connecting to the juice tank at the bottom, and the “plug”of the top cap assures the bubble-tight closure to the flow. I believe,  such reliable and simple operation for refilling will be adopted by more RDTA manufacturers.  Namely, homogeneity will still appear.

The dual posts, cross-screw for locking the coil, the opening degree of the coil-locking hole shows that this RDTA can be compatible with the fancy coils. But in the light of the span of the bottom inflow holes and the space between the refilling holes, the designer seems to have limited the width of the fancy coil a little bit.

Under the tide of Clapton heating coil, according to the samples released by the official, you can see many high-end Clapton coils are used on this RDTA. Based on actual usage and from the angle of simple purchase, the 24G, 26G,38-40G Clapton Coils are used the most. The usage experience will be depicted at the end of  this article.

The A1 traditional single coil user can choose the 22G Coil. Using 22G coil on this RDTA can produce better original oil flavor than the 21G and 24G coils can do.  All the G points will only appear on the condition that the top inflow holes are closed completely.

After actual use of the Alpine RDTA, I feel it not only keeps its traditional design of top inflow, but also adds bottom inflow. Such design brings more playing methods to the coil choices to this atomizer. However, whether the top and bottom inflow holes need to be opened at the same time or how to be allotted, much reasonability is needed.

  1. Using the top inflow and bottom inflow separately, 90% players would choose the single bottom inflow. Thus, the method of single top inflow can be excluded.
  2. When playing the role for assisting lowering the heat, top inflow can help to lower the heat, but unavoidably it will have an effect on diluting the flavor of the oil and the density of the vapor. Such as the Clapton coils mentioned in the previous text, after 4 or 5 mouths of inhaling, you will feel the atomizer is heavily hot. After you open the top inflow hole to lower the heat, the heat can be well controlled, but the density of the oil and vapor will be greatly reduced.
  3. Using the traditional A1 coil of 22G can reach my best G point, on condition that the top inflow hole is closed. On such condition, this atomizer shows smooth resistance, the flavor of the oil can be restored evenly. After using for a while,  the bottom part of the top cap will accumulate some condensed liquid and will need to be cleaned. Except for this,  there is no other obvious defects.

After building the coil, I put in the wick and cut it off to a proper length.  Then I put the ends into the holes on the plate and use the tweezers to fluff the wick a little bit. Personally, the wicking technique of this Alpine RDTA is really impressive after my try on it.

In summary, the appearance of this Alpine RDTA can be matched with nearly all tanks. The appearance of this tank can cater to many players. Regarding to the inflow design of this tank , the single bottom inflow playing method can be better than the mixed top and bottom inflow playing method. The top refilling system is a very good example for RDTA and the wicking on this tank is the best!