Preview of iJoy MAXO V12 tank

The SMOK TF-series has been a staple in the vape community since the original TFV4. The iJoy MAXO V12 tank takes a stab directly at the latest version of this tank, which features duodenary, aka twelve, coils in one.

Authentic IJOY MAXO V12 TANK
Authentic IJOY MAXO V12 TANK

And it is strikingly similar to the SMOK TFV12 tank, also known as the Cloud Beast King. Which tank do you think will be worthy of the crown?

I can’t help but look at this tank and compare the two. They’re both suitable for vaping at high wattages, similar in price and features which will make this decision even more difficult.

You should know the difference between V12 and TFV12 before you get it:

The MAXO V12 has a spring-loaded 510, the TFV12 doesn’t.

The Maxo V12 has a 28mm diameter whereas the TFV12’s is 27mm.

The TFV12 holds 6 mL of juice and the MAXO V12 holds a little bit less at 5.6mL.

The MAXO V12 and the TFV12 both feature a very similar flip-top fill system.

The MAXO V12 is currently $3 more than the TFV12.

The TFV12 has two RTA options whereas the MAXO V12 uses one triple-post design.

Both utilize duodenary coil heads (twelve coils in one)

The MAXO V12 is suitable up to 315 watts, whereas the TFV12 can go up to 350.

The TFV12 is advertised by SMOK as high-temperature resistant and “explosion-proof”.

Obviously, the MAXO V12 is for the extreme vapers. If you are just getting into vaping and want to blow some huge clouds right away, I would recommend something a little less insane. But if you are crazy and want to maximize your cloud production, then this it!

If you are thinking about buying the iJoy MAXO V12, you are probably also comparing it to the TFV12. They are almost identical, despite a few minor differences. It will be very interesting to see which one becomes the hotter seller.

What’s your opinion about it?

What about SMOK TFV12 Cloud Beast King?

Smok never stop its craziness and awesomeness. They just dethroned their own TFV 8 as the ruler of the Sub-Ohm world with their new TFV 12 Cloud Beast King. The name says it all- we have a new king in this field.

SMOK TFV12 Cloud Beast King tank
SMOK TFV12 Cloud Beast King tank

Smok just introduces their new Sub-ohm tank that can handle the power of the newest 300 watt mods coming out like Smok GX350 TC starter kit.

The TFV 12 Cloud Beast King Tank is rated up to 350W(V12-T12 version). If you think that having 8 coils inside a coilhead is too much, Smok found a way to fit 12 coils. How crazy is it.

The King measures 27mm on its base and 28mm on its body, it needed the extra space to accommodate the coil head. It definitely looks bigger than your regular tanks since it was designed to fit the bigger higher powered quad-cell mods.

Looking at the overall design, TFV12 is made up of Stainless Steel with High quality heat resistant glass to hold the 6ml of juice.

It features their signature top-fill rotary design with hinge lock for more hassle-free juice filling. Unlike the other tanks wherein you will need to unscrew the top cap or remove the top cap before you can fill up the tank. It also has a huge fill slot to accommodate all kinds of juice bottles.

At the bottom, you will see massive dual adjustable airflow holes. It is noticeably bigger than the slots of its predecessor since 12 coils need the maximum amount air specially when using at high-powered settings. It also uses a 510 threaded connection that makes it compatible with almost every mod in the market.

Let us get more serious and talk about the coil heads.

This tank can be purchased with two options; one is the TFV12 Kit which includes the amazing Duodenary Coils preinstalled and two quadruple coils, the other one is the RBA Edition which includes the post-less triple coil RBA and velocity style two-pole deck.

The Duodenary coil is the star of the show, having 12 coils rated at 60W – 350W truly shows the power this tank can handle.

I don’t know why SMOK released this product with two different sets. I mean they could have included one RBA in to the Kit and ditch the other quadruple coil just like what they have with the TFV8 package. I know it is a marketing strategy, but for me the reason it was called TFV 12 is becauseof the Duodenary Coil; so the TFV12 RBA edition is just an ordinary rebuildable coil head inside the TFV12 tank.

How do you find TFV 12 tank?

How do you find VAPORESSO Nebula 100W TC Mod?

Vaporesso has never been one to conform to the typical notion of a box mod, as we have seen with the Target series. The Nebula 100W TC box mod is essentially the next generation of the Target with an updated look and name. I am looking forward to seeing what they have improved on this one.

VAPORESSO Nebula 100W TC Mod
VAPORESSO Nebula 100W TC Mod

The Nebula utilizes their latest chipset, the OMNI board, which gives you temperature control for Ni, SS and Ti, two custom TCR modes, wattage mode, bypass mode. We will take a closer look at the OMNI board and its features. I’m super excited to nerd out with these heating curves.

There is just something about this mod that just looks so unique, sturdy and futuristic all at the same time. It feels great in my hand, and I love the texture they put on the battery door. One of my favorite parts is how the door clicks into place. It reminds me of the sound of cocking a gun.

Using the CCW and CCT modes was actually a lot of fun once I got the hang of it. With a .3 ohm dual clapton build, I was able to set the Nebula to fire at 80W for the first three seconds and then gradually drop down to 50W to conserve power, once my coils were nice and warm.

Switching between modes is a little bit annoying, since you have to hold the button for three seconds each time you want to enter the next mode. On the other hand, it was actually real easy for me to create the perfect heating curve to power up my big clapton coils real fast.